Beginner Amp for near or under 200..

Hello all, I'm in the market for an amp after the one I grew up on busted on me. I'll be using it for vinyl and (gasp!) playing cds I have archived on my computer. I'm looking for as good an amp as I can get for around 200 dollars. It's important that it can get rather loud, with a headphone output as well, as I play drums and often practice with cd's and records. Any suggestions?
This is a tough question with the headphone output.Are u taking about and integrated amp or seperate amp?
I'm not aware of a seperate amp with headphone output.
An old Hafler DH-200 Amp can probably be found at that
price range.
The McCormack Micro is one of the few that come to mind that meet your headphone amp request, and even though I am quite sure it retailed under a grand, it was well received and probably sells for more than $200... may be worth keeping an eye out for however.
I got a refurbished Harmon Kardon HK3470 100wpc receiver from for $188. Sounded nice for the money. Slightly lacking in bass depth and weight and highs had an artifical sheen on complex harmonics like violin. In the range of Teac or Creek 4330 for a lot less money.

Don't know about headphone output jack.
This is a PERFECT question for me!
I`LL handle this guys!
THEE PERFECT amp for you
Is a KENWOOD Basic M2A.
I have (4) of these amps for my home theater
set-up, as well as I
There are 2 or 3 on ebay right now.
They sell for about $200-$325 each.
The DO have the Headphone jack AND they ALSO
have meters on the front, so you know how much
wattage you`re using. They also put out
225 watts per channel, so you WILL be able to
hear music out of this amp!
I like the Marantz PM 7200. You could see a used one for 300 or so. Worth the extra $$$ over your budget. Great amp especially for classical and Jazz. 95 wpc in a/b, or 25 watts in pure calss A. Smooth and even tonally. Others might be better for snap and timing. Has built in phono for MM, and actually a very good headphone jack. A clear winner. See Euro reviews