Before I upgrade my cart from Dyna 20xl to an XX2

I have a Scoutmaster with the 9" arm, MuFi A308 Amp, using it's internal phono stage, and Vandersteen 3a Signatures.

I listen to mostly Classical, large-scale and chamber/solo. I'm very happy with the sound and I have very few lp's in which tracking is a problem. For the most part I enjoy big, open and rhythmically-lively sound. My only complaints have been regarding choral and solo piano music, esp. towards the end of records: the sound can get a little bit "tizzy." (Even on previously unplayed--undamaged--records).

Dense, climactic passages, (of course at the end of pieces and thus usually in the last parts of the lp), also "thin" a little bit in sound, compared to the beginning of the record. I've read up on the physics of Lp's and understand that the thinness towards the end of records can be an inherent problem with the Lp format.

I hasten to add that overall, I'm still a big fan of Lp's. Overall.

My question: I don't want to trade up unless the XX2 will markedly improve the sound at the end of records by yielding increased transparency, bloom and air. Will someone who's been on this path, preferably with the same equipment, let me know his or her feelings on the matter? Thanks.
In my system, aligning my cartridge (Dyna XX2) with a MintLP Best Tractor eliminated the tizz at the end of records.

I'd recommend buying a MintLP before you upgrade the cartridge.
I'd recommend buying a MintLP before you upgrade the cartridge.
I totaly agree.
With my Scout Signature, XX2MKII, and the MintLP, tracking inner grooves is no problem, so I say get both the XX2MKII and the MintLP, I think you will be happy.

Regards, and enjoy,
Thank you for your responses. I want to carefully follow up (without being unappreciative of your time) and clarify that I don't believe it to be a tracking problem. I've had the cart professionally aligned a couple of times by an expert over the years.

Let's say that both the 20XL and the XX2 were/are aligned perfectly. Now: my concern specifically involves issues beyond tracking: whether or not the XX2 will remain more "poised" -- for lack of better words--through complex material towards the end of records with regard to better transparency, air and bloom... enough to justify a jump in price of $1300.

If you have the Janis/Kondrashin Prokofiev 3rd on Mercury, whether original or reissue, this is one album in which--during the last pages of the score--my system as is doesn't handle the grooves very well. There's no crackling distortion typical of mistracking, but the sound definitely becomes more thin and opaque.
I will also definitely look into the Mint Lp protractor, since so many are happy with it. My Stereo guru who has been in the business for 20 years used some card with four points on it, and I finally went back to the VPI Jig. Everything sounds exactly the same to me
Forget any other protractor but the MINT. Do it yourself...that's the only way it will be done correctly. Take your time...the process is tedious, and you will get tired. Put it away, have a drink and watch TV. Come back to it tomorrow. If you do it correctly, you will be awe struck at the difference.
I've had the 10x5, 20XL, 17Dmk 2 and now the XX-2mk 2. The XX-2 is way better sounding, period, end of story. The 17D mk 2 is a lot better as well. I don't know how good your phono stage is, but it's possible that you could improve things a lot there too and possibly do more to improve your sound than a cartridge upgrade. Another one to consider would be the Shelter 90x. This was the best of all the carts I have owned. It had a magic that none of the other have matched. You do get a big slice of the magic with the XX-2 and even the 17D mk 2 for that matter.
It takes me about an hour and a half. Enjoyable tediousness...
I've gone from 17D2 MKII, to 17D3, to the XX2 MKII. It tracks perfectly from beginning to end of the album. I use a VPI SSM with sig. 9" arm. Sound wise a BIG improvement over either of the other Dynavectors i mentioned. (and they were both very nice) FWIW i preferred the 17D2 over the 17D3.
I'm also contemplating getting XX2 mk2 in the near future and i have not owned nor heard Dynavector before. How is XX2 Mk2 better than the 17D3? Better weight/body to the mid range? etter bass?
Most or all who have used the MintLP, from rank amateurs like myself, to designers and manufacturers of turntables agree, the MintLP is extremely accurate by any measure. Improvements across the board have been made on set up pretty much regardless of the previous method employed. You owe it to yourself to purchase this precision tool, so you will have the peace of mind in knowing your set up is the best it can be. (Providing azimuth, anti-skate, and etc. are properly adjusted as well). At the price these are sold for, there can be no better dollars spent on your analog front end.

...there can be no better dollars spent on your analog front end.

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Second that.
Yet another Mint vote. It's the best place to start to address your issue.
Well, I guess I have to try the Mint, will purchase today. I talked to my stereo guru and he's very fond of the Wright protractor, and it's what he used to set up my cart, FWIW. He has not tried the Mint.
When you order it from Yip make sure to mention all who pushed you into this so we get our cut... ;-)
What Srwooten said.