Before I purchase

Looking at a Ayon Scorpio vs a Prima Luna  Dialogue Premium ??
they look like they have good write ups on Scorpio ..
So before I spend my cash wanted a opinion of these 2 amps
thank you Joe
I don't usually steer people to reviews but one of the reviewers I like most Christian Punter at Hifi Advice has extensively reviewed both Ayon and Primaluna. Spoiler he likes them both very much and well worth reading here is a link to the site.
Bring your speakers! I home demo'd a PrimaLuna HP integrated and an Anthem STR. The PL sounded great, but couldn't power my hungry speakers. The Anthem had totally different sound. Powerful, but flat compared to the PrimaLuna. 

It's a total pain, but bring in your gear and compare and contrast. Better yet, bring as many home as you can and listen in your own room. You will be amazed at how different each unit sounds. 
Joe, I have thePL Dialogue Premium, with 4- EL34 power tubes, I didn't need the extra beef of the HP. My speakers too have self powered woofers....the non HP version should have plenty of power for your 8 ohm speakers. Your local PL dealer should be able to tell you if this is a good match with your speakers.