Before I purchase

Looking at a Ayon Scorpio vs a Prima Luna  Dialogue Premium ??
they look like they have good write ups on Scorpio ..
So before I spend my cash wanted a opinion of these 2 amps
thank you Joe
First, there are a ton of great options in this area, so why just these two?  Second, before anyone here could give you even any semi-useful advice you need to share what's important to you from a sound reproduction standpoint and/or what you're looking to improve upon.  Third, you need to let us know what your other components are to see what may or may not be suitable, especially speakers but everything else helps too.  Because as we all know, the final result is ALWAYS the combined product of EACH individual component and how they interact (the magic sauce).  The only two absolutes I've ever believed in this wonderful, awful hobby are that EVERY link in the chain matters at some level, and that the chain is only as strong as the weakest link.  So if you share what's important to you, what your ultimate personal goals are, the equipment you currently have, and I should add VERY importantly your room characteristics, the better recommendations you'll get on how to complete your own personal and optimal audiophile chain.  Bottom line -- the more you give here the better information you'll get.  At this point you've given us is, well, virtually nothing.  The good news is that there are many, many very experienced people here who are literally aching to help point you in the right direction.  The only thing they need is a fairly accurate map.  That's on you. 
Can you demo both, and just pay to ship one back?

That may  be  best, to determine what agrees  with your ears.

Comparing the 2, they differ in how the tubes operate.

They will sound different. They have different power tubes as well.

Not an apples to apples comparison.

The fact you  have a PL  dealer local is  helpful.

Yes I am thinking more that way of local with Prima Luna and will go listen to one this week...I guess the reason I ask this question I saw out west they had the Ayon Scorpio with 1k off list and sparked my interest and was wondering about quality of unit to Prima Luna...But no the Ayon I would not hear and would have to ask about returning if not happy .It is USA Tube Audio if I. purchased .
Any one purchased from USATubeAudio? And good or bad??
I have a chance to get used Cayin 88 used but it is a 7 hour round trip. The person will not send it to me unless I hear it.. But I know it will not sound anything in his place vs mine.. I am using Definitive Technology BP 8080ST bi polar speakers in hard wood floor room that is 13 X 23.
I have been using a Marantz SR8002 receiver.. And I know from what you all say that tubes make differences in units so know there is a way to change the sound of tube amps...I am searching for a less sharp sound and softer with my hearing...
I own a PrimaLunaDialogue’s the best tube rig over the three I’ve previously owned. Good warranty and I’d describe the sound as full, spacious and detailed with the stock tubes.There is no "sharpness."  I have not felt the urge to "roll" or swap out tubes. I don't know your speakers power needs but tube power always seemed to produce more perceived power than it’s rating when I compared to the same solid state numbers. If you go audition and have been used to solid state, the change in sonic presentation may surprise you. BTW, USA Tube Audio in Arizona is the primary importer/distributor for Ayon products. Ayons are real eye candy if you like chrome. Don’t know how they sound.
Larry do you have the Dialogue Premium or Dialogue Premium HP ??