before/after cryo reviews?

What are your experiences for sound quality?
No diff I ever noticed, Instead of giving money to the marketing staffs',buy more listening material....
Done both....My overall experience is it is way too much cost and no improvement in sound..The only benefit ( my opinion only ) is for the person selling the tubes......
Never heard any change. Nor have I heard changes from elevating wires or elevating my amp on risers. Maybe my ears are shot (they are).
When you think about it all cryo could really do is damage the tube since it is in a complete vacuum.
I had my playstation cryoed and there was a breath taking,jaw dropping change.It was as if the musicians were in the room with me.Good as the cryo treatment was,the biggest change was when I cobbled a valhalla power cord(also cryoed) from the wall wart to the player.Totally awesome.The new york symphony orchestra now resides in the living room of my doublewide. ;)
I can't think of many worse things than living with a bunch of musicians.
not a big fan of the cryo.
Sometimes I think my wife was Croyo'ed...