beethoven string quartets

I've only been listening to these quartets for @ 3 years now and they've become some of my favorite music.. If anyone could make a recommendation of their favorite COMPLETE set of LVB string quartets and why, I'd sure appreciate it. I currently have a mixed bag: Cleveland 1-3, Petersen 4, Quatur Mosaiques 5&6, Emerson (middle), Cleveland (late). I just ordered Takacs to replace the Emerson. I've tried to get into the Emersons and can't get there. I'd like to also have a complete set by one quartet and there's a lot to chose from. I'd prefer to go DDD, but have no problem with ADD if very well recorded. thanx for any and all suggestions!
I have a complete set by the Tokyo String Quartet. Comes in 3 sets of 3 CD's (Early, Middle, Late). The "early" set (Op 14 and 18) also has the Op 29 Quintet with Pinkas Zukerman.

The early is my favorite, then the middle, then the late.
They play with great precision. Not as emotional as some in the later quartets.

The 3 sets are on RCA Red Seal...
I'm not sure about the complete set, but the Quartetto Italiano is superb in the (great) late quartets. The recording is from the 70's I think, on Phillips, and i don't know if it's been digitalized. But if you are into vinyl, find these. they are very well recorded.
I have the complete set of vinyls of Beethovan string quartet by Quartetto Italiano, philips label. I know the whole set has been digitalized. I love the vinyl set. I haven't heard the CD set. I don't listen to CDs because I find records are more satisfying musically, especaially for classical music. The Quartetto Italiano quartet was known for doing their recording by memory and they have been together as a group since they came out of music school. Their music is superb. If you see this set. Buy it.
You might also want to consider the Budapest Quartet, in various incarnations on Sony.
I have the Tokyo Quartet and the Alban Berg Quartet on CD and the Philips Box--Quartetto Italiano on LP. I think each set is beautiful in its own way.
I surely like the Tokyo: you can't go wrong with that set. But the classic set is the Vegh. Somewhat older recording, somewhat dry sound, but the set to have if you're having only one.
The quartetto Italiano set is on CD, philips. I agree with the above posts that it is very well recorded and are given committed, cultivated readings. They strike the rare balance of depth, transparency, spirit, character and at the same time avoid pedantry or sanctimony. They are very listenable. For historic, check out the Capet, Hungarian or Busch string quartets.

The live library of congress set on the Bridge label with the Budapest are fantastic performances.
I agree with Swklein that the Vegh is the set to have - - although the sound on my vinyl copy is decidedly not dry - - Another great set from the 60's is by the Guarneri SQ.
i'm gettin into to these quartets so much it makes me want to buy 'em all .. however, i feel like i've opened a can of worms for myself-i have no turntable and it sounds as if i should go to vinyl for classical music. thanx for all of your great suggestions. btw, i've heard mixed reviews on the lindsays-any of you heard them doing beethoven?
I find the lindsays interpretations incoherent and their intonation borders on the amateurish.
thanks buxter- that's more along the lines of what i've heard on the lindsays... quartetto italiano sounds like a good choice based on what you've all said. one last question- gave the talich quartet high praise for performance and sound + price is attractive - anyone heard this set? btw,i'm in no way affiliated with their web site, but if it's ok to say this here, i was really impressed with their extensive selection of classical music & helpful reviews.