beethoven 9th..which recording

I have always liked Ormandy's 9th. One of the first cd's I ever bought but recently I have listened to several other recordings of the 9th and am interested in your opinions.
I prefer the Deutche Grammophone edition.
far and away the Karajan 1963 - or 1977, no equal
Solti and the Chicago are really good. The chorus is awesome.
Tim the Karajan 63 & 77 recordings have some noticeable differences, as does the entire Beethoven symphony cycle
recorded then. I much prefer the 1977 9th, it is a more inspired reading and the closing of the final movement has a passion and fury rarely seen by Karajan, thrilling experience! With very good recording quality this has to rank near the top of any list......Although DG must not agree with me as I believe they chose the 1962 version to remaster as "DG Original" series
furtwangler's 1942 performance...the best of the best...if you don't mind mono recording...otherwise try Klemperer or Celibidache...

I have possibly six or seven different versions of this work, but I also am partial to the Karajan 1977 one.
Ok, So I pulled my copy of Beethoven's 9th by Karajan, DG#410 987-2 and can't tell which recording this is! Anyone help?

Mg123, the back cover will have a copyright-type logo toward the bottom which will show the date of the recording. Was the 77 recording analog or digital, anyone aware? I have the '63 recording both on CD and vinyl, and it's an excellent performance. I'm intrigued by the Celibidache recommended by Iasi, as Iasi played the scherzo movement of that version for me and it is a MUCH slower tempo than anyone else's I've heard (advantage of cleaner and more precise articulation of the strings, disadvantage of less energy in the movement), and the version is over 75 minutes long in total! It's a live recording and well recorded by EMI; probably worth considering as an alternative to other, more conventional versions.
hogwood and academy of ancient music recorded a very interesting version of this, almost unrecognizable as the 9th, but certainly worth a listen-- Megasm - you are right, the '77 is the better recording!
If you can find it try the Vienna Philharmonic conducted by Schmitt-Isserstedt. Soloists are Sutherland, Horne, King and Talvela. On Decca/London label or budget London Jubilee.
I have two CD versions: The Royal Philharmonic Orch., Rene Leibowitz conducting. It’s on the Chesky label and is ADD. The recording was made in mid. 1961 and remastered in 1990. There is a minor tape hiss but it is an outstanding performance. The other is Gunter Wand and the North German Radio Symphony Orch. It is on RCA Victor Red Seal and is DDD.

The Chesky disc is warm, smooth and has a near perfect soundstage. The RCA CD is sounds to my ears, very much like a live performance. It’s a little bright and out front with a fair to good soundstage.

I love both and play them often..