Been listening to The Beatles ...

I've been going through the whole catalogue -- both stereo and mono mixes -- and I've found myself actually enjoying these records even more than I thought I would. Even "Beatles for Sale" -- no one's favorite by the Fab Four -- isn't half bad. And the great records are sounding better than ever. Sure, many of us believe that these guys were the best rock band ever, but listening to 'em again and finding that to be true has been proving to be lots of fun. (And I haven't even played the Past Masters discs yet!)
I have finally gotten through listening to the entire STEREO reissues, (I don't have the MONO Boxset). I find them just wonderful. Much better than any other CD reissue I have heard. Yes, they are not quite up to the best of the vinyl, (which I have a massive amount of), but for CDs, they are very nice.

I haven't done this much listening to one group for a long time. I also agree that the Beatles were the best of the best. This just reassures, (to me anyway), that they really were an incredible band.
I hadn't listened to any of the Beatles stuff in quite awhile, so I can't claim to be that familiar with all the nuance. I think my last listen was 6 months ago and that was Love on vinyl.
I picked up Revolver and a few others Saturday and listened in my spare system. I was VERY impressed. Heard lotsa little things that I know I hadn't heard before.
The remasters were nicely done, IMHO.
What is better Mono or Stereo ?
Yeah, they sound great. The early albums' strength is an infectious joyfulness.

I think that if Traffic had kept Dave Mason and not gone off in that jazzy direction but stayed in the classic rock vein, they might have given the Beatles some competition.
Listening to remastered Abbey Road now and lovin this one. I'm making my way through the stereo box set slowly.
"The early albums' strength is an infectious joyfulness. '

That is a very good observation.

The early Beatles recordings and performances, when they were doing their versions of the "rock and roll" tunes from mostly American artists that they grew up on are largely under appreciated compared to their later output where they broke new artistic grounds.

If you appreciate how the early Beatles did joyful and infectious "rock and roll", be sure to check out the "Live at the BBC" set in addition to the new is a gold mine in that aspect.
The remasters are tremendous. Mono set is the way-to-go, then buy Abbey seperately. Let It Be Naked trumps Let It Be from any standpoint I can imagine.

I was VERY skeptical of the Monos, but I believe if no one told me, I would not realize they are mono. Not at all boxy, or one dimensional.

"Julia" mono version: to paraphrase Macca from Rolling Stone, you might as well be standing next to him (John) in the booth.
Definetly thumbs up !
My two sons , 32/25 yrs. old , and I seem never to be able to hook up on a common band/music when we sit down for a listen. When the Beatles are on all three of us are on the same page and the generation gap disappears.

I grew up on the Beatles, and having all their LP's as a kid, one or two songs on the Mono set have cought me by surprise as I never heard the tunes before.

Two thumbs way up!!!!!!!
I purchased stereo versions of everything from Revolver and Rubber Soul on up. Have only listened to Revolver and Rubber Soul so far. IMHO: They sound much better than any other versions I've heard so far.

Although I wouldn't characterize them as bright, there seems to be a slight emphasis in the upper range. Not a major complaint by any means, does anyone else feel this way?

Working through the other titles this week. Haven't received the mono set yet but have them on order.
I agree with the slight emphasis in the upper range, keep us posted after you listen to the mono set...
I have "Rubber Soul","Revolver","The Beatles","Abbey Road" and "Let It Be" on CD.I was surprised by how much better they sound.I highly reccomend them.I will be getting "Sgt. Pepper" and "Magical Mystery Tour".I don't care for their earlier stuff but that's just me.
Tpreaves, i had the same feelings as toward the early stuff, but i bought the box set and have been listening , and i must say the early stuff has impressed me alot. just one awsome band front to back , and its great to hear them with such clarity.
Love the mono mixes. Have been listening a lot to White and Revolver. I especially like forgotten songs like "Long" by George. I also like that Ringo's playing is more defined and Paul's bass lines are a nice counterpoint in many of the songs.
Listened to Abbey Road the other night. For the most part I thought it sounded excellent but IMO there are few places that could use a bit more help, no pun intended.
"just one awsome band front to back , and its great to hear them with such clarity"

That says it all very nicely!
I have been getting into the Beatles music more and more these days. I did not used to be a big fan. Their music grows on me each time I listen to it.
The Stereo set is actually worthy of a true audiophile rig.
As good as they sound...i was a bit let down in comparison to "Love" which sounds truly amazing...granted...there may have been some sonic "doctoring"...but there is also George Martin to give credit to...just my any rate...a marked improvement for most Beatle fans...i also wish they would have remixed the stereo set as well...
I also was hoping that the new Beatles CD was up to the same sonics as the Love Album as well,and it just is not really of the same quality.Although I am still pleased with the issues I have bought.Which are Get Back,Abbey Road, St. Peppers,Magical Mystery Tour, and The White Album.
The most disappointed to me was The White Album.Just to rough in the top end,and sounded thin in the midband for my tastes. I remebered The Mobile Fidelity Vinyl was much more sweet and natural sounding.
St. Peppers on the Stereo CD Master was nice,But Mobile Fidelity's UHQR Limited Edition is something very special sonically and wish I still had that,But sold it to Chad many years ago.The midband on that pressing is so natural sweet and real along with a more expansive soundstage and more post echo reverb from the studio could be heard.
Abbey Road Stereo remaster, and Magical Mystery Tour so far are the Best of the bunch that I have heard thus far,
But I hear that Rubber Soul is very special so I will be anxious to get that one.
Mono on Rubber is amazing. Somewhat disappointed with the White album, does not sound "integrated" and "organic" like the earlier albums, although like many of Paul's songs on it, including Mother Natures Son and Honey Pie. Very weird little ditties that sound amazingly fresh by today's standards. These would sound great next to the material he later recorded on his first two albums.
I noticed since purchasing The Help CD in stereo from the 8 I have already that the sound is more organic and more natural sounding. I assume it must be from using maybe an earlier Ampex Reel to Reel deck, instead of the newer transistor sounding 8 track reel to reel recorders they may have used in the later years at the studio. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or any information?
There's an insane amount of related information at the Steve Hoffman site. More than I can wade through.
I've gotten a lot of listening time in of all Beatles CDs in my collection ripped to music server (along with new mono box set) over the last few weeks. I've also had a chance to listen and compare with other good mono remasters recorded originally back in the original 50's rock and roll era.

My verdict is that some of the Beatles mono recordings from the box set are as good as any I have heard and others are still somewhat lacking, especially in regards to dynamics, so it is very much a mixed bag. I do think in general that even the lesser recordings are at least as good or better than their CD predecessors I have heard.

So the mono box set results are a mixed bag still, but in general as good or better than what came before on CD at least. Maybe there is still room for improvement with some cuts, or maybe that's just the extent of what the original master tapes have to offer...I guess we'll see as some of the new online higher res digital downloads I have read about start to become available.
I am pleased with the mono - Rubber Soul came out real nice - however I am not sure if the box set was worth over $200 as none of the earlier stuff (pre-stereo) was that well recorded anyway.
Sgt. Pepper faves are MOFI UHQR...and toshiba red wax mono reisssue...both are insane!
I think the first two mono's "please please me" and "with the Beatles" sound great. "hard days night","Beatles for sale",not as good.
"Help",verygood. "rubbersoul", "revolver",great. "pepper", fabulous. "White album",some great,some not. "magical mystery tour", "past master" great. Overall great.
Yeah, my assessment is not far off from Wildoat's.
One thing for sure, it's been fun listening to these again. I have the mono set and most of the stereo versions.
I am getting more pleasure out of listening on headphones. They sound amazing on neutral cans like Sony's 7506s.
Bongo, yes, they are very nice on headphones!