Been intrigued by this power amp since it was introduced. Yes, another " D " thread.

🙂I hope everyone hear ( here, lol ) is doing well in their life, considering the current state of our world. Some of you know me by my posts, and I have communicated thru email with many of you as well. The LSA Warp 1 has had 5 glowing professional reviews, but would like to hear from others who are using it, or who has used it, as the primary amp ( 2 channel or multi channel ), or who moved on from it. I believe I would enjoy the characteristics described by all of the reviewers. Thank you all. MrD.


@jaymark When you do, I would appreciate an opinion from you, since you have the GAN 350, and enjoy it. I know they are different. I love great Class A Mosfet sound. With my Lascalas, every amp I own runs in A all of the time ( not all mosfet, and I don't do tubes ). I do enjoy some of the chip amps available, and like what they do. The descriptions I have read on the Warp 1, from the reviews only, they all tell the same story, and these characteristics are things I look for. So, I am anxious to try one.........I am just fighting with myself whether or not I need another amplifier in my collection. Be well, MrD.

I am sure you are aware of this review: I contacted the publisher to inquire on which Acoustats the reviewer used with the Warp, as I also use Acoustats. The reviewer and publisher used Acoustat 1+1 and 2+2 and highly recommended the amp for both. I'm waiting for a used one to pop up. But, with more GaN amp news coming out, I think I'll wait for a suitable one come - suitable for Acoustats that is.

@art_boston yes, 5 pro reviews, but I am interested in hearing opinions from others, and haven't found anything in writing.

@mrdecibel  SuperBestFriends had a Warp 1 tour. The participants posted their impressions. The designer even chimes in a few times and adds useful info. Well worth reading.



So, when I posted this thread, I had started listening to my Dalaudio Retro 4780, again ( bought it here a few yrs ago 2nd hand ). I extensively damped the inner chassis as I always do, changed the feet, sits on a heavy vpi sandwich something or other shelf, and have a big size statue of " The Thinker " placed on the top. My own power cord. Well, I have to say, it is the only amplifier in my collection currently, that does not add a bit of color to the recordings, which is good, and bad. The good : Has ample gain from my dac / passive pre; Dead quiet; Using this amp, I am no longer using my subs: Based on the quality of the recording, the system really disappears; Transients are incredibly fast, as well as the decay time ( the opposite of tubes, ime ); Listening to my " digitally remastered from the original analog tapes " cd copy of Miles's "A Tribute To Jack Johnson ", I so EASILY HEAR the " articulation " of some of these greatest musicians, ever, and happens to be one of my " reference recordings " I use to evaluate audio products. The amp does nothing to draw you in. It throws bare, the recording itself. No smearing. I am still amazed at what this amp is " not doing " to the system. If you love tubes, this might be an answer for those summer months, as it runs cool, efficiently and is " smooth ". Tremendous detail. Lots of info on the Texas Instruments 4780 chip, and Dalaudio makes use of  it very well. I am currently letting it reside connected, and discovering intricate little things on my recordings I feel might have been missing. In fact, I am no longer thinking about the " other amp " at this moment. Enjoy ! MrD.

The description of what this amplifier does and does not do, I would like to refer you all to the Absolute Sound review of the Audio Research 300.2 power amp. The descriptions by both reviewers is " right on " with my take on the Retro 4780 ( running Lascalas in my case ).