Bee Gees on Vinyl: Where to start? Good sound.....

What are some good starting points? Early,Mid, and Disco era included....Odessa? Sat NIght Fever? Thinking of good production and sound...are Bee Gee comps any good?
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I love the early stuff particularly Bee Gees 1ST and Odessa.

The original pressings of Odessa with the red matted cover are excellent recordings.

Bee Gees 1ST sonics are ok but the songs are great. Try to find the mono version.

The disco stuff is not for me.
I have these on Vinyl.
Do you want them?
Start with Children of the World.
the rhino box set of '1st'/'horizontal'/'idea' w/rarities(the sound is increditble).....everything up through 'main course' is outstanding, then it was all downhill.
go to ebay, buy greatest hit double album. cheap and great. then your done
Get "Saturday Night Fever".You'll get a disco version of Beethoven 5th which beats the original.
I just found Children of the World on a reel to reel tape I bought in a lot, how cool is that.
the new re-issue of odessa is incredible..the vinyl and the cd