Bedroom wars: NAD L40 vs. Linn Classik

I set up a bedroom system using a NAD L40 and B&W LM1 speakers a little while back. The NAD supports one pair of speakers, the Linn can handle two pairs; it would be nice to have a second pair of LM1 speakers in the bathroom. I don't know what the Classik with tuner sells for, no real data on their website. I assume the Linn is about 3x the price of the NAD, if so, is it worth it? Anyone try the Classik? Opinions? Linn also mentions they supply speaker wire with their receiver, I'm guessing there's some sort of funky connectors required? Can you terminate your own wire easily enough (I've already run QED flat wire through the attic to the current LM1's, no way I'm going to change the wires but can add connectors if required)? Forgive my ignorance, I've never used any Linn gear before. ATB, Jeff
The Linn Classik is well ahead of the NAD L40 in sound quality, especially on CD. I know--my father has a Classik, I have an L40. You can find used prices for both if you search over a week or two on eBay or here.

Linn output connectors look like miniature shotgun barrels ( or inverse bananas ) and are easy to install yourself.

A cheaper solution : you could use self-powered computer speakers in your bathroom and run them from your L40's preamp out.

If you do get a Classik I know someone who might want to buy your L40.
If the Classik is the one with a cdp built in, it retails for $2k. But you have to get it in one of the cool colors for a tiny bit more.