Bedroom System DAC Suggestions?


I’d like to say in advance of this question how much I truly appreciate and respect the considered responses I’ve received from the many Audiogon members regarding my questions over the years; I say this with the deepest possible sincerity and thankfulness.

I currently have a bedroom system consisting of a Creek 5350 SE Integrated, Denon 3910 DVD Player and NHT Classic Three Speakers (New). I’ve been considering the following upgrades to this system: (please know that my biases are entirely 2 channel audio and not video)

Velodyne DD-12 Subwoofer (Room is 18 x 12 x 8 High)

And now the main question, do you think adding a DAC to this system would provide a marked musical improvement?

I’m currently considering either the:

Channel Islands VDA-2 DAC
PS Audio Digital Link III (perhaps with Cullen Stage IV mods)
Green Hornet Digital Cable or ?????

What in your opinion would deliver the most bang for the buck? Are the Cullen mods worth the additional money in my proposed system?

Are other digital cables close to the Green Hornet in performance for less money (Black Knight?)?

Would a TOS-Link optical cable be a better choice than copper in this system?

If you have suggestions for equipment different than those that I’ve referenced, I would be more than happy to know them.

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Do you have a notebook computer you could use as a Transport? I would consider an asynchronous USB DAC from Wavelength.
Hi JD,

Yes, I have a laptop but unfortunately; it's isolated from the stereo. Thank you for the suggestion though.

What do you think needs to be improved besides bass? How do the highs sound, etc.? The Creek plus the NHTs are determining most of the sound of your system, IMO. So I'd first look to one of those for any real change. How about a pair of narrow floorstanders?