Bedroom speakers

I recently updated my entire system to Paradigm Studio 40v4, SVS sub, B&K 200.2 amp and Ref 5s2 pre-amp, and a Mrantz cd5001 cdp. I traded my 15 year old Infinity 2004ss speakers for a bottle of 18 year old Chivas.(good trade, huh) Also gave my 19 year old pioneer cd player to a buddy for his garage system. Nothing like jammin' while stuffing pistons into cylinders. Anyway, I was about to sell my Carver ct7 pre and TFM24 amp when my lovely bride suggested picking up some speakers putting it in the bedroom. SO, I don't want to jam a lot of cash into them, I'm thinking in the $500.00 or less range. I need something on the smaller side also. Low volumes, mostly laid back stuff like Chris Isaac, Enigma, Natalie Merchant, etc. I've seen some of the Usher s520's? Not sure about that. Any suggestions will be appreciated, including witty sarcasm. Also I'lll be looking to move that cd5001 to the bedroom eventualy, and was wondering about a new(used) one to go with the rest of my new system. Say $300-$600 range.

maybe something vintage like Allison speakers ... they made a nice wall mount model (Allison 4 I believe) with an upward firing woofer. great sounding speaker in its day!

I think the woofer was 8" and the speaker had great bass due to the "on wall" mounting boosting the bass output. the bass fullness of a speaker like this would be welcome especially if you are using it mostly for lower volume listening ("bookshelf" speakers typically have very limited bass response which will show up even more at low volume levels)

you will have to browse eBay to find a pair though (or possibly here but more likely eBay)

good luck

I had a pal with a pair of those Allisons. He never mounted them properly so they never had any bass to speak of. The rest was nice, though. What about a pair of vintage Dynaco A25s? They might be a bit easier to find than the Allisons.
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you will want a speaker with a "romantic" soud.

I've got a pair of JM Lab Nova Utopia Be in the bedroom :) but it's a big room. If it was just a bedroom I would use a bookshelf pair of Dynaudio's.
Thanks for the responses. I have some home projects that I have to take care of before I buy anything. Probably be around december.Thanks again.
Vandersteen 1C Great at all volumes and easy on the ears
sounding especially natural with Chris Isaacs voice
due to their well designed low diffraction multi enclosure
cabinet which easily outperforms any Box type design you will find under 1K.