Bedini still in business?

I was wanting to get an amp repaired. Phone # on website has been disconnected. Anyone have any knowledge of what happened?
I was in touch with Gary about a year ago. Try his email:
Thanks, I did, no response yet.
I sent in an Ultra Clarifier nearly a month ago for repair/replacement and that was the end of all communication from Bedini.
Are they still around?
Yes, They are still in business. They are called Energenx now. Just had my amp repaired. Here is the link.
First let me say thank you all for the kind comments. I just want to let everybody know that the Bedini Amplifiers and Pre-Amps and Processors have never been discontinued. I just thought I would give it time to let the industry shake out, wanted to see how many keep asking for the amplifiers. I have a list that goes on and on. The biggest question is, can we get the model 10/10 or 25/25 the answer is yes in new packaging.
The company has changed names many times but Bedini Electronics is alive and well. We still have all the parts for your amplifiers. Currently we are under new design of the models 10/10 25/25 100/100 200/200 including a much newer line of Hex Fet mono block amplifiers. The company for service is Energenx Inc. and if you have questions call 1-208-772-3303 between 1 o'clock and 5 pacific time. The phone is only answered in the afternoon by Gary. I might say to compete in this market you must build a ball buster amplifier in the dollar range between $500.00 dollars to 1500.00 max and beat the best out there, and that is what I'm going to do very shortly. I will post the link to this site soon. Thank you all for your comments.
John Bedini
Great news! Thanks for the info.
The company has been moved three times, what you need to do is contact Gary at the phone number listed below, but here is the number again. 1-208-772-3303. I'm sure that this can be resolved.
John B
You need a Bedini amp fixed? Want a new one? Call us at Energenx 1-208-772-3303 and leave a message. Gary, John, or Chuck will get back to you.
Or email: or
We also are starting a new store on ebay that is called Bedini Audio and Electronics. We will have items there within a week or so new and used.
Chuck Hupp
Just in time for the newly revamped Shahinian line. They go perfectly together...
Is Gary the brother of John Bedini?
Remember John Bedini was claiming to have built a free energy generator.
Google Bedini free energy generator.
Well Doug,
I have built many things in the past. Gary is my brother. I think the question is, What is the next amp. I think everybody will be surprised. Even if I did other adventures my main study is the way you here music from a spatial aspect in the room you live in . Amplifiers have always been exciting to me. The quest is to take the best amp and beat the pants off it at 1/3 the price, I remember getting that lecture from John Iverson and Don Frick. I have had about 9 years to go listen to what is considered the best. I just hope everybody will enjoy music again. Most amps sound electronic and not musical. Most amps strive for low distortion figures but that is not where the musically comes from. The 25/25 is a prime example of that, still in demand to this day. The real issue is the parts that are manufactured today including the transistors and fet's ( not as good as everybody thinks). As my engineering professor use to say, count the parts that is what could go wrong. An Amplifier must track the music and not try to fix it. In the circuits we find many distortions., but those distortions, must follow the distortions in open air. In other words, listen live those distortions do not seem to bother anybody at the Concert Hall. Maybe nobody can follow what I'm saying but music is not a dry lifeless sound, music is full of life and is free flowing.
John Bedini

As someone who had serviced your amps in the past, I'm happy to hear you are alive and well and planning to make a comeback. I want people to know that you are a great guy and you have always helped me in the past when I needed it while working on your products. In this industry, that is rare indeed. I look forward to seeing and listening to your new updated Bedini equipment soon. You made my day!!!
JOhn are planning anything in the home theater arena.
I am very glad to hear about Bedini! I am a huge fan of the vintage amps as I have two 150/150 mkII, a 25/25, a 100/100 1 meg and a BA-803.

Are there still parts available for the older amps? Especially the transistors as I recall reading somewhere that the tops were ground off and filled with some kind of epoxy to kill resonances. I would like to replace any parts with originals if I can to keep the voicing of the amp that I love so much.
A new line of Bedini power amplifiers? This is great news. I can't wait to see what will be offered. Sign me up. My check book is in hand!