Bedini II.....Again

I have owned Bedini II for some time now, and in a recent post I stated I don't use it much anymore because I was not sure if I was consistantly hearing an improvement. Well
after recent upgrades to the system, I put Bedini II through
the paces again and now use it on all my CDs. Greatest improvement is in treble of average recordings, which becomes slightly more relaxed with less hardness. Treble is not rolled off, just less distorted. On audiophile grade
recordings effect is less noticeable. For $150 retail
this is very worthwile if you have lots of mainstream rock/alt CDs.......Sam
I have found the Bedini II has great benifits on disks I play often. After five or so plays the sound seems to get muddy and has a loss of definition. I put it into the Bedini II and the clearity comes back. The highs are cleaner and very smooth, I haven't noticed if audiophile grade cds or regular make any difference, but thanks Sam, another thing to listen and obsess over.
For the skeptics of the day, I have had two friend over who have brought there copies of the same cds and we ran one through the Bedini and one not. I had them listen and see if they could tell a difference. I mixed them up and came back to them a couple times. EVERY time they picked the one run through the Bedini. ( I had them write in a notebook up or down with each change) Now they make sure I run them through when ever they bring music over. Now for you science freaks, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY IT WORKS. It seams to me and my friends that there is no logic to it's success, but hey, THIS IS AUDIO!!!! It's or ears not a scope, not a meter! J.D.
What exactly is a Bedini?
Jade, your evaluation technique is smart. I also compare any
tweak with with duplicate CD copies over several day peroid.
Only real way to tell what has been changed.

Perfect, Bedini II is small box 6x6x3 that rapidly spins a CD over magnetic field (degaussing) seems to slightly clarify and clean up CD sound. You can get new one for $150.