Bedini BC 866 preamp, good or bad for $750 new

Hello everyone. I have a chance to buy a brand new in the box Bedini BC 866 preamp on ebay for $750. I have searched online for any information on this unit and to no avail....I read alot of great things about Bedini as far as amps go but nothing about their preamps. Anyone here ever owned one of these?

PS I'm a bit of a newbie to the audiophile world...finally able to start building a system. My setup so far:
ADCOM GFA-2 dual mono poweramp
Hafler DH 110 preamp (phono outputs have a short somewhere)
MOTH ALAMO TT, RB250, Ortofon 2m Red, Rega acrylic platter
Tascam CD 2000i rack CD player
Tascam 302 rack dual cassette deck
Furman PL plus power conditioner
Infinity Primus P362 towers (not too happy with these...traded an old ipad for them, they were new in the box).

Anyway, I'm doing rackmount, hence why I'm looking at the Bedini. my budget though for a good pre with a good phono section is $1500. I listen to a very wide variety of music, but alot of metal and rock as well as electronic, reggae, classical blues, folk, very wide spectrum.

Suggestions also welcomed besides advice/info on the Bedini pre...thanks!!!