Bedini 803 fuse values

Hello, I have a old Bedini 803 I purchased used without any paper work. Would some kind soul have the proper fuse values for the speakers? I know the main, power fuse is a 15A slow blow. Only because it says so on the amp itself. There is no indication for the speaker fuses. Are they 8A slow blow?

I really appreciate you time in helping me. These amps are really something special. Has anyone had a Bedini amp serviced by someone other that Gary Bedini? I can't get response by e-mail or phone. If so, did it change the sweet sound of the amp?

Thanks again,

I would call Bedini and ask them the fuse values. I agree Bedini amps are magical . . . I wish I hadn't sold my Bedini 100.100.

I never had to have my Bedini 100.100 serviced, but based on my experience with Bedini, I would probably use them for any service I needed. The only other service company I may use is Bill Thalmann at I'm not sure he'll work on Bedinis, but I would ask. Very reasonable and expert repairs/mods. Doug Weisbrod also at Music Technology does equally great work on Guitar amps.
I own and use Three Bedini 803 amps the speaker fuses are 5 amp fast-blos the four power supply fuses are 8 amp fast-blo. I hope this is a help.
yes, that is correct!
and, I can't understand why people keep saying to call or contact Bedini! They have folded! Gary is doing something entirely different. No more Bedini as an amplifier company!
I have repaired one of my 803's and it sounds just like the other two. There is no magic involved. The amps are pretty staighforward. The components are available.
The Older Bedini 150/150 Mk2 used to have output devices that were modified at the factory. The tops of the devices were ground off and a damping material was put in them. In that case the devices would have to come from Bedini. The 803 uses Motorola devices that are unmodified.