Bedini 150 mk 11

Anybody have experiances with this amp or other bedini amps. What are there characteristics and do they produce good bass?
My friend has a classic (old) 25/25 and it sounds great. This amp is 25wpc pure class A. It is driving Totem 1 speakers quite well and never sounds under powered. Look at
I had a Bedini 100/100 1 meg from 1982 for many years. Man, I want to tell you it does BASS! Maybe not the absolute cleanest but it did 400/ch at 2 ohms unclipped on my bench. Overall it's a little hard in the highs compared to todays good solid state, but with a tube front end it's still a good value today. Great party amp, it had punch and sounded alive.
Have a 100/100 mkII,(spare) may not be as good as the 1meg, but it's damn good. It laid to waste the Bryston stuff of the same generation. Did rich quality bass great, the Bryston was fuzzy/undefined and in the way by comparison.
I have a modified Bedini 150 MKII. I love it. The bass is great. The mods are bigger power supply caps, polarity switch, Edison Price binding posts. The mods were done by Andy Bartha in Fla. It is noticeably better than my previous stock 150 MKII but that was also nice. You can sometimes find these amps on ebay for under $400.00
Thank you for reply.As above have said it is powerful and punchy.The highs were a little tipped off.I might get to amplify bottom end.