Bedini 150/150 mkII question

By doing some research on Bedini 150/150 mkII amps a ran into some questions and decided bring it up before you.
I'll write my findings and want to see if there anyone else has some knoweledge of this units and if my info is correct.
Bedini made two models of 150/150 mkII. One is a full class A and the other one is a feed forward class A. Full class A is an older model and has one transformer and vertical standing cups. Feed forward class A is latter model and has horizontally laying cupacitors and 2 power transformers.

My question, what's the difference between full class A and feed forward class A?
The other thing I don't understand; how is it possible for amp that has only 22 lbs. in weight to produce 150 watts per channel that's a full class A? According to a chart 100/100 weighs 38 lbs and 250/250 42lbs and 150/150, which is in the middle only 22lbs.
I'll appreciate your comments.
I can't answer your "feed forward" question technically, but I was on the phone once with Gary Bedini regarding my Bedini 100/100. I asked him how it's possible that a pure class A amp could run as cool as my 100/100 (it never gets hot - especially when idling)? His answer was it's because it's feed forward. Hopefully somone more technically savvy will answer with the technical details. I will add that my 100/100 is an amazingly good amp - it bested my Ayre V3 in my room/system, and the Ayre cost me (used) nearly twice what the 100/100 sells for.

As for the 22 lbs question, I think that must be a typo in the brochure, an dit's actually 42 lbs.
Well here's one for you, I have a Bedini 150-MKII with one power transformer and horizontal power caps......And it runs pretty cool !!