Becks latest album...any good?

I saw Beck on Letterman the other night, performing a single off his latest album. I'm not sure what the album name was but the single was great. He had two full drumkits setup for his band. I was wondering if anybody has heard this album and was it recorded well?
I own the album- It's called Guero. It's a total departure from "Sea Change", still very good in my opinion. Very funky, heavy Latin tinge, funny ass lyrics.

How good in terms of sound quality? I'm curious, I'll be picking up the album regardless. But hopefully something to look forward too.
In order of sound qt highest to lowest,based on memory mind you.
Sea Change/Mutations
Midnite Vultures
Mellow Gold
If you want to be blown away, buy the Guero album on vinyl. It is outstanding, eyebrow raising.
That first track has some added bass distortion that kinda drives me nuts ... my kid loves it. Like all Beck music, it's yet another strange direction but overall I really like it. Heavy Latin influence (as mentioned) with even a hint of Rap ... some how he pulls it off.

It is an Excellent Album..

I think it's great. Alot of different sounds coming at you in multiple layers. Something about this album reminds me a little of Frank Zappa.
I love Jeff Beck's new album!
Guero is an LP that just grows and grows the more you play it. superb album and well worth buying
I bought it, its brilliant, best album I bought since the latest Jet album.