Becker and Fagen on Recording EMG in Analog

Below is an interesting link which will direct you to an recent interview of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. Among other things, they speak of how and why their latest LP, "Everything Must Go", was laid down in analog. They went FORWARD, not back, to analog, sez Becker. Analog is the future, sez Fagen.

My hope is that this will result in other artists following their always trend setteing recording ways. I would have asked them, though, why was not the vinyl released in the UNITED STATES? Then I would not have had to pay 18 quid plus shipping from the UK! :-0
Thanks for the great post. The info is much appreciated.

"Everything Must Go", great CD.
These guys are always a step ahead of everybody.
Thanks again, Rick.

Bless their hearts, they condemned hi rez, multi-channel too. I found their comments regarding pianos very interesting as my ears have told me the same things at live events where different musicians played the same piano. Wow, I sure hope they aren't running out of time. Long live the Dan!
They always were ahead of their time. And they still are.
The tracking was done to multitrack analog tape, but the editing and
mixing was done digitally on ProTools. Also, Becker and Fagen have
been known not to be completely "honest" in their interviews. They like
to play jokes.
The joke being that they used ProTools in the process. ;-)
Too bad that song-wise it's such a crappy album. These guys used to rock; now it's all this sticky-sweet pop jazz. I almost expect them to start doing Christmas-season tours with Manhattan Transfer.
Jdombrow, I strongly disagree with your assessment unless:
1) You've heard it only on CD, or
2) You've only listened to it once or twice

I would tend to agree with respect to "Blues Beach" which was the initial single released in MP3 on the 'Net. IMHO this was an unfortunate choice because I find it the weakest song on the LP. OTOH, side two starts out with "Greenbook", a solid rocker, and each following song is even better, I am particularly taken by "Lunch With Gina" where guitar riffs are reminiscent of past LP's and the female vocals and harmonies are just outstanding. To my ear, sticky-sweet pop jazz, it ain't. A scan of the lyrics sheet might help dispel that notion, as well. ;-) And, while it has nothing to do with this LP, I doubt that the folks who attended any of the three concerts I went to this summer would agree with the "sticky-sweet" label. Jazz infused, yes, and all the better for it, but they ROCKED the place to the ground in each venue.

But then, there's no accounting for taste in any case - yours or mine. If you bought the LP and don't like it, though, I'll take it! :-)
the Everything Must Go lp is fabulous
the tour - the songs really gelled

now if I can only score a Two Against Nature lp
ebay prices are high