beautiful piano recordings: solo or small ensemble

wanted to pick up some beautiful, well recorded piano recordings, and hoping some people can chime in with rec's.

classical is ok, as is jazz.

some examples i have handy are:

tom waits: closing time
herbie hancock & chick corea at carnegie hall
bill evans

In addition to Tord Gustavsen, you might try the Marcin Wasilewski trio, also beautifully recorded on the ECM label. They are the piano bass and drums for Tomasz Stanko, who is probably familiar to many jazz fans here. Wasilewski is just as atmospheric, melodic, and subtle as he is on the quartet recordings with the trumpeter. _Trio_ is their only CD thus far and is a nice mix of free and straight jazz, wonderful to put on while doing other things and also interesting enough for more active listening.
alain lefebvre-carnet de note;Richard Desjardins-tu m'aime tu;Gonzales-solo piano;tommy flanagan-thelonica; bojan zulfikarpasic-solobsession; antoine hervé-inside;jean-francois groulx-trio.