Beautiful Music That Reduce You To Tears

This is mine, light classical piano. What's yours?



Somebody hand me hanky, got something in my eye....


(a capella) John McDermott - “Danny Boy”


I tried to paste a link to Steve Earle doing Tecumseh Valley, failed at that, but think it's one of those that are asked about here.  For me it definitely is. 

Nanci Griffith's version of Tecumseh Valley is a great one, too.

I cry everytime I play my MoFi Original Masters Recording of Ry Cooder's Paradise and Lunch, as I am reminded of how much I paid for that record and it doesn't really sound any better than my 45 year old original copy. 😭

There are pieces that do that to me:

Adagio in C-mol by Tomasso Albinoni

Waltz in C#-mol by Chopin

Entertainer by Scott Joplin

Pathetique Sonata by Beethoven.



Rickie Lee Jones version of Marty Balin's "Comin' Back to Me" on Pop Pop

Any number of Tim Buckley songs. Once I Was, moving to me. And then there is the real life tragedy of Tim and his son, Jeff, only adds to the emotion.

Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now"

Iris Dement's "Our Town"

Neil Young's "Sugar Mountain" and "Old Man"


Just a few off the top of my head that always break me down like a cheap lawn chair.

" I Can't Make You Love Me" Bonnie Raitt

"Prisoner in Disguise" Linda Ronstadt

"Tracks Of My Tears" Linda Ronstadt

"Alone Again (Naturally)" Gilbert O'Sullivan

"He Stopped Loving Her Today" George Jones

"Baby Can I Hold You" Tracy Chapman

"I'm Not Going To Miss You" Glen Campbell

I don't know how you listen to music, but sometimes I just want to wallow in the sadness. I find it to be cathartic in a beautiful way.



Several Dead Can Dance songs.

I won't say that anything invokes that kind of reaction in me, but, there are some extremely beautiful or otherwise evocative music that I really love:

The second movement of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto

Schubert's String Quintet (D. 956)

Korngold, Die Tote Stadt-duet "Gluck, das mir verlieb"

Shostakovich Piano Trio No. 2

Etta James' version of "Lovin Arms"


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Nimrod passage of Elgar’s Enigma Variations

The nomination of "Our Town" by @waltersalas is a great one. I’ll add her devastating song "No Time To Cry" (also done by Merle Haggard). Then there is Brian Wilson’s "God Only Knows", as good as songwriting gets, with wonderful singing by his brother Carl. Another is "The Weight" by The Band, and "What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted", sung by Jimmy Ruffin (Joan Osborne also recorded great versions of the song, both live and in the studio)..

without a doubt, Alison Krauss - Ghost in this House

of course, any number of Hiatt songs… Lipstick Sunset, etc.

The great Lucinda Williams with Dust

Loved the mention of Nanci Griffith - her beyond brilliant Other Voices, Other Rooms

I am a teary eyed robot with an empty water tank


Forgot Lucinda, one of my favorites! "Sweet Old World" and "Pineola" are the ones that clutch me the most, both conveniently on the same album.

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If you're gonna cry cry from the original

I want to be a robot but I'm not certified

well then, Townes - Flyin Shoes


Anything sung by Jenna Mammina

Only happened once, but I guess it counts - Neutral Milk Hotel - Two Headed Boy. That being said - Louis Armstrong Black and Blue gets me close every time. 

Joe Cocker Randy Newman’s song Guilty



Randy's version.  Not sure which one is sadder


Continuing tony1954's theme of music to wallow in:

Cowboy Junkies: Cause Cheap is How I feel
Janis Ian e.g. Between the Lines
Jewel: Foolish Games
Warren Zevon: Knockin on Heaven's Door (Zevon was dying of cancer)
Jennifer Warnes: Famous Blue Raincoat

@danager some whiskey from the bar and some cocaine from a friend..... Joe's version for sure.   

Back in the high life. Warren Zevon cover

both sides now.  Seal cover Joni Mitchell 75 th birthday 

heroes cover by Peter Gabriel with the London symphony.  This one isn’t the most meaningful song, but reminds you that you are a music lover that makes every effort to reproduce beautiful music in their home

Eric Clapton - "Tears in Heaven"

Bryan Ferry's version of "Jealous Guy"


speaking of Zevon, the Springsteen live tribute of a great Zevon song to Warren; My Ride is Here

Brilliant and prescient 

Barber’s Adagio For Strings. Get’s me every time.



I think Russian orchestral music conveys emotion so well, especially rage, anger, loneliness and at times humor. Rimsky,  Shosty, Borodin and Mussorgsky are my go to composers. 

Speaking of Lucinda, I adore her song "West", which ends the album of the same title. Another of hers that chokes me up is on the same album: "Are You Alright?". Lucinda is the queen of melancholia.

Have to remind everyone of Ray Davies' masterpiece "Waterloo Sunset".

"Patches" by Dickie Lee (even stopped wearing dickies under my V-Necks after hearing it).





I didn't realize I was such a sad bot.

Sam Baker, Waves



Mozart: Serenade No 10 for Winds 'Gran Partita', III. Adagio | LSO Wind Ensemble

This comes to mind:  


“Gimme 2 steps”.   Lynyrd Skynrd

Alice Cooper, “I’m eighteen.” Real loud.


Thank you. I am not familiar with Eliot Fisk. A very nice night ahead I think.

Fanfare for the Common Man, by Aaron Copland, musical majesty 


James McMurtry- Rachel’s Song (live Aught 3)


Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell