Beautiful choral singing

Please name only one single song, which is comprised only of vocals, and which you find to be exceptionally beautifully arranged and performed.


Artist - Album - Track name


KITKA Women's Vocal Ensemble - Sacred Treasures V From a Russian Cathedral - Shen Khar Venakhi

"Our Prayer" by The Beach Boys (written by Brian Wilson). Originally recorded for inclusion on the ill-fated Smile album, it ended up on their 20/20 album.

Requiem · Conspirare · Craig Hella Johnson · Eliza Gilkyson

I had the opportunity to ask Eliza about this recording and how it happened to be arranged by Craig. She responded that he was a fan of her music and found the piece himself. It was a wonderful surprise to her when she was invited to hear it in concert.


From: A Company Of Voices, Group: Conspirare, Song: Requiem

Composed by Eliza Gilkyson      Arranged by Craig Hella Johnson

Swingle Singers    Ferris Wheels   River Man

one of many efforts that are truly remarkable from a remarkable 

ensemble of voices