Beatles Tribute Tv special....

Some nice surprises...first, Maroon 5 was very impressive with their early Beatles tunes....Joe Walsh sounded awesome...wasn't a huge fan of David Grohls song choice...and the show seemed to dip in the middle...Annie Lennex came off a bit creepy in that bizarre dress...but Sir paul rocked it...and RIngo is always cool...all in all..not bad....hey, at least Bono wasn't involved...does he have to ruin everything?
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I thought it was great. I got very good sound quality
through my home theater via ComCast.

I'm a huge Beatles fan and was really looking forward to
this special. It was funny, light hearted, sincere and it
seemed like everyone was having a blast.

I would have liked to NOT see so much Yoko Ono on
camera...she's just frickin' weird.

Well done!!!
It was a good time all around.

Amazing teh impact of the BEatles over the years and that the music when played well can still sound both relevant and fresh!

My whole family watched and even my 12 year old daughter enjoyed it.

Imagine Dragons and Joe Walsh in particular delivered cover performance highlights IMHO.

Enjoyed Ringo's performances of Matchbox and Boys in particular. Paul was very much on that night vocally. He is getting to be more hit or miss in recent years, at least in comparison to his prime, but he was spot on for this event. His band is always fantastic!
I loved it too. I'm surprised this thread doesn't have more responses.
I guess I'm too much of a purist. I loved the historical footage but that's about it.

The Imagine Dragons (whoever they are) were hideous.
Never understand why Yoko is such a magnet for criticism. Truth is John loved her, and if some blame that on the breakup of the group, well that blame belongs in his lap, not hers. Reminds me of an old song, ever kick a good man when he was down just to make your self fell tall.
My wife who I cannot get to listen to my wonderful stereo asked me to tune this in for her. I was 15 when I watched the first Ed Sullivan show with the Beatles & I will never forget it. I really liked the tribute show as it did not get too saccharine & I really enjoyed most of the performances. Kate Perry was fantastic & I wish I had written down the name of the red headed guy who appeared solo, I really liked his simplistic approach and singing ability. They had A list back up singers and musicians so obviously they spared no expense. Kudos!
Agree with Lindisfarne, the Imagine Dragons completely neutered Revolution and exemplified the utter blandness of much current pop. Most of the other covers were awful-- except for the few leavened by mature artists like Walsh, Lennox, Stevie Wonder, Grohl or fresh top-drawer pop talent like Keys & Legend. It was surprising to see the two remaining Beatles, Yoko, and their children singing along with every cover act like lemmings. Then the Love girls descended on ropes with umbrellas... Too bad a real somebody like Beck or Beatles' contemporaries like Brian Wilson or Pete Townshend(in concert The Who sometimes did a great cover of Twist and Shout), couldn't have been coaxed on board. Nevertheless, it was all mitigated by a clear realization that these songs belong to the ages now, and with such good feeling that one can't blame even the Beatles or Yoko for humming along with the elevator music.
Probably get flamed for this...but I like Yoko ono's tunes on Dbl fantansy...whoops...anybody dig her erratic solo career?
Phase, I agree about double fantasy, very much. I have two of her recent discs, enjoy each. One more than the other, but that's true for many artists I listen to.
I looked forward to the show then had to bail out as soon as the first group of youngsters launched into a Beatles tune--it was fingernails on a chalk board to my ears. I kept popping back and was lucky to hear some good performances and quickly bailed on the ones I hated. I did enjoy Grohl doing "Hey, Bulldog" and Ed Sheeran doing "In My Life." Most of the older artists I heard I liked and most of the younger ones, no. Who was that guy who was serving as host?

I thought this show could have been so much better but it probably could have been a lot worse. Nice try, but the wrong people apparently were running the show. Typical network stuff.
I did like the "HEy Bulldog" cover a lot also and was impressed by John Legend as well.

AM I the only one who liked teh Imagine Dragons Revolution cover? Nothing earth shattering certainly but nicely done I thought.

I did not go into this with high expectations, but came out quite entertained. Definitely too many commercials though I would say. :^)
It is being rebroadcast tonight at 830pm for those who missed it the first time!
I really enjoyed the entire show myself. A lot of great perfromances.
I missed this. Will watch the repeat on CBS tonight at 8:30 est.
My very first ever concert was The Beatles, in Baltimore, September 13 1964, was my birthday, and my dear dad took me. Priceless, now that I am 61. I was 12 at the time. A concert I saw, but honestly barely heard.
My very first ever concert was The Beatles

Holy Moly..... Rpeluso not sure what to say. speechless.
Hideous, a slam to the legacy IMO....cover bands rarely work but a whole night of them is tough....give it up. Tribute to network grabbing money and the Beatles cashing in also....gross.
Lwin, if you're talking about the fellow who sang "In My Life" it is Ed Sheeran.
Mapman, yes, you may be the only one who enjoyed Imagine Dragons doing "Revolution." I couldn't find the "alternate channel" button quickly enough.
Pops, I wouldn't blame the Beatles for the shortcomings of this show, but I had to wonder if John or George would have participated. Hard to imagine that Lennon would have sat through this.
Thought on balance it was very good---Stevie, Eurythmics, the whole group on Something, Paul and Ringo were highlights---and yes I liked Imagine Dragons as well.
Let's remember, we're chasing the greatest band of all time with the best voices and arrangements. The artists, under the circumstances acquitted themselves surprisingly well.
For me it just smacked too much of "something for everyone."
The Beatles already have a young audience--they don't need their music "modernized" by the young artists-of-the-moment.
I think more of their contemporaries and fewer of the younger set would have been in order. But again, my hat is off to young Ed Sheeran who I thought did a fine job.

Bottom line is: network productions such as this or the grammies are usually going to be riddled with "are you kidding me--whose idea was this" kind of moments and this special was no exception.
"The Beatles already have a young audience--they don't need their music "modernized" by the young artists-of-the-moment."

I don't see anything wrong with that. It shows that young people care enough to try it their way. Just replaying the same old same old can only go so far. I was glad to see both in this show and thought everyone did a good job, though of course I liked some better than others.
I love The Beatles. it could have been much worse. Ono is pushing 80!? wow
I was blown away by Ed Sheeran's version of "In My Life." Just astonishing. It's on Vimeo I believe.

John Legend and Alicia Keys were tremendous too, I thought.
OMG, I thought the John Legend/Alicia Keys performance was one of the best live performances I've ever heard! I also am impressed with how good McCartney still really is. Yes, his voice can get a bit warbly at times, but he's right on the notes.
I also am impressed with how good McCartney still really is.

what I meant was "modernized just for the sake of modernization," or, in this case, commercialization--i.e., to get the younger viewers to tune in.
As I said, I liked Ed Sheeran very much. On a previous program I liked Corinne Bailey Rae and Herbie Hancock performing "Blackbird" (the a cappella version by Trio Esperanca is also very good).

In other words, do it if it's good. Don't do it for the wrong reasons. Of course it is a subjective thing--not everyone can even agree that the Beatles are good.
Of course McCartney is still good, he's a great musical artist. One of the greatest ever. No one can take that away from him. At some point he won't be able to sing or perform anymore but when should be left up to him. By the way, has anyone heard his last cd? I read it was good but haven't heard it.
Have it, heard it, well worth the price of admission, give it a try, you will be satisfied.
I am by no means a Paul solo album fan, indeed I find most of them to be lightweight throwaways,--but this latest is very good. it's called "NEW"." Chaos and Creation in the Backyard" was also very good. I think it helps when he is around good young producers who push him out of the laconic middle.