Beatles Session Musicians Who?

A dozen or so of us were hashing over old Beatle’s songs last week and it was amazing how many folks had heard that so-and-so played on this song and so-and-so on another. Outside of the obvious and well-documented contributions of an Eric Clapton or Billy Preston, there seemed to be little proof to the pudding regarding others. All this leads me to this question:

Does anyone know of an authoritative source which lists “who played what” on individual songs? I realize that the list may not be complete and “London Symphony” may have to suffice for some background stuff – but you get the picture. I do not want to believe, for example, that George did not appear at all on Blue Jay Way and I’d like to have some proof! ;(
"BEATLESONGS" by William J. Dowlding is a fascinating read if you want to know who played or sang what. This book provides a complete profile of every Beatles song ever written. From the back cover, "Beatlesongs nails down dates, places, participants and other intriguing facts."
I actually took a college course titled 'History of the Beatles," where we used this book as a reference. What a hoot that was.
But to answer your question about "Blue Jay Way," George play organ and does double racked lead vocals and backing vocals, according to "Beatlesongs."
George Martin plays keyboards on several tracks and other members of the entourage play incidental instruments. I'm telling you it's fascinating.
Thanks. I KNEW it was George! Ha.

I will look into this publication.
I will tell you this George Harrison played the lead in guitar on Cheech and Chong's "Basketball Jones." yup it's true.
I once saw the BEATLESONGS book in a used bookstore. I shoulda bought it.
I ordered one through Amazon.
The most interesting trivial fact for me concerns "The End" from Abbey Road. For years I wondered who plays the guitar solo on "The End" as it's obviously three distinct instruments. Paul, George and John, in that order, perform the guitar solos one bar at a time on "The End." It blew me away to find out which Beatle played which part.
For a while you're gonna consult this book when listening to the fab four. Enjoy your read.
Name one band from the last 10 years that, 40 years from now, people will talking about like this.
There was an interview with John Lennon in Playboy back in the 80's before he was murdered. They asked John about each and every Beatle song and what its meaning was. He went through the whole list describing who wrote what & what it was about. I am still kicking myself in the keester for not keeping that copy. It is an awesome story.
I recall that article, too, JSD. I'm sure a little digging for the date and an E-Bay search would turn up a copy. As I also recall, John was very obtuse about "meanings" and did not seem to like very many of the songs, at all.
Bernard Purdie claims that he was on a few Beatle Recordings. None of it verified though. He also claims to be the worlds' most recorded drummer. That is not verifable too, although I know he has recorded a ton.
I recommend "The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions" (The Official Story of the Abbey Road years 1962-1970) by Mark Lewisohn. Originally published in Great Britain by Hamlyn in 1988; now copyrighted by EMI. The book is based in some considerable part on work by John Barrett (an Abbey Road engineer) who "listened through every Beatles tape and logged all relevant details...." In addition to much recording session minutiae, many wonderful photos. This book will give you a real appreciation for what George Martin contributed (to me, the true 5th Beatle).