Beatles Remasters on USB Drive and Vinyl

According to Rolling Stone the Beatles Remasters are going to be released on a limited edition USB drive. The 14 album stereo releases will be in the shape of the Apple logo and in high resolution 24 bit FLAC format as well as 320kbps MP3. All album art and 13 short films about the albums will be included. The USB release is scheduled for December 8th.

Apple also intends to release all of the albums on vinyl at an undetermined time.
on vinyl from digital masters. buy the cds.
No. From the original masters Coffee.
I think that when the dust settles it will be that IF they release these remasters on vinyl it WILL be from the digital masters. If so, I'll stick with the stereo and mono CD's. Besides, I'm pretty happy with the MOFI vinyl set anyway.
rw and what source said from the org. masters. i'd bet the ranch it will be from the new remaster disc . let me know
Jeff Jones CEO of Apple Records in the Rolling Stone mag says the reason the release date is undetermined is because of the time it takes to get the masters right. Maybe he is not referring to the original master tapes but if they were going to just use the digital mixdowns it would be easy.
Anybody with a 24bit DAC listening to tracks off the Beatles USB Apple?
Not me yet. But they should play back in high resolution through the usb port of an Oppo bluray player or similar device a well as through a usb port on a receiver or processor.
Well Barnes and Noble sent me a 20% off coupon in addition to my 10% off card and I bought the Beatles USB drive. I'll let you know how it sounds when I get it and have a chance to listen.
The Mp3 files on the Beatles USB drive play back fine through the Oppo USB input and loaded easily into iTunes. But I've only been able to play the FLAC files on my computer at this point. An outboard DAC with 24 bit resolution will be required to get the best sound.
I recently sent my Oppo off for the SE upgrade. I plan on trying to use the USB in from my computer and see if it sounds good that way. If anyone has tried this or wants to before mine is returned, I would be interested in the outcome.
According to Oppo the USB port cannot be used for computer audio.
Just got the Beatles USB drive yesterday. Transferred the FLAC files to 24 bit/44.1kHz Apple Lossless and then to my iPod. Using my Wadia iTransport digital out from the iPod into my Wadia 581i 24 bit DAC. Wow! The White Album sounds like my vinyl copy, but without all the surface noise, pops and clicks etc. Even better, the bass and drums are better defined than even on the vinyl. Hope they someday (sooner would be better than later) release the 24bit/196kHz master files.
Transfered all FLAC and playing via my Logitec Duet through various DAC's including the Bryston BDA Dac and I also have the remastered LP and CD's that I have compared.I can easily live with the USB Apple remasters. The vinyl is still superior compared to the both formats and the CD is a shade ahead of the USB Apple. Its still very very impressive compared to the remastered CD's, very close in performance.
anyone do an A-B comparison of the USB versions to CD versions listening through same DAC, system etc?