Beatles Remasters compared to 1 gr. Hits os 02

How do they compare. The #1 album was also remastered,was'nt it?
I was under the impression that 1's was remastered also. The re-release of Yellow Submarine a few years back definitely was. I recall both as clear improvements on original CDs but have not compared to the new stuff. I suspect all the stereo remasters are in fact very good and preferences will be based on nit pick factors.
Yes, "1" was remastered and sounds very good. I too have not done comparisons to the new remastered albums, though.
I did some research.

Wikipedia indicates "Yellow Submarine" was remixed and "1" was definitely remastered.
This link has some good info on the new Beatles remasters.

Number ones was not remastered and it shows. Yellow Sub was.
From Wikipedia article on the "Beatles 1" CD:

"According to the liner notes of the album, the original analogue masters were "digitally remastered at 24 bits resolution, processed using Sonic Solutions NoNoise technology and mastered to 16 bit using Prism SNS Noise Shaping." The remastering was overseen by Peter Mew of Abbey Road Studios and took place there."