Beatles Remasters?

I read somewhere a while ago in an upscale audiophile magazine that on the heels of the success of the remastered Rolling Stones CD's, The Beatles catalog was going to go through the same type of revamping.

It's been a few years now and nothing. On a jazz forum I recently read that the remastering has been completed, but not released because they are waiting for the current stock of dated Beatles CD's to be sold.

Anyone have any information about the status of this project and what is holding it up?

Who would be releasing this material if it ever comes out?

I also heard the same thing about the Led Zeppelin catalog, but again no details.
Unless I am mistaken, the biggest impediment to all your hopes are the incredibly thorny business problems involving the Beatles catalog. EMI music & the Beatles Apple corp have long standing issues to be resolved and Mr. McCartney & Ms. Ono haven't been on very friendly terms. The Beatles business manager for the last 40 years, Neil Aspinall, died a year ago and I imagine that will gum things up for a long time as well.
And to add to photon, Michael Jackson supposedly owns 50% (Northern Songs) of publishing rights to Beatles catalog. Seems to me, none of the entities are willing to work together to get remastered material out there. This is one of the biggest travesties in music, 40+ years out and we have to accept poor quality sonics!
This is a good article regarding Michael Jackson's publishing rights of the Beatles catalog.
This is a huge travesty. After hearing how good the Love remaster sounds and then listening to the 20+ year old original CD releases, there is no comparison. Back then I thought they sounded great, and they did, compared to most other CD releases then. I'll never forget when Sgt Pepper was finally released in 1987 and I sat back in my listening chair completely enthralled by the sonic wonder of that recording. But we didn't have 24 bit technology then!
Check out Purple Chick on the web. The best sounding Beatles catalogue not released by Apple.
its time for hope!