Beatles re-released stereo first 4 Albums

I have thus far only listened to the the First CD, but it sounds pretty good.
Better in fact than the Let it be Naked CD.

Please don't persuade people to purchase these CDs on the basis of sound quality. They are horrid. They were duplicated from US masters, which are a few generations off the original master tapes. I have yet to hear any evidence of bass on these CDs.
Let It Be Naked is clearly the best sounding Beatles CD in existence. Some of the Anthology series is decent as well.
I know it's difficult to deal with burning $50, but I don't want others to make the same mistake.
Enjoy them for the music, but forget about audio quality,

CB - Are you talking about the new, long awaited CD remasterings? Are they that bad? A couple of years ago I purchased a couple of Japanese CDs through Red Trumpet (Sgt Pepper & the White Album) and the sound quality is very good. Do these new remasterings sound as horrible as the first generation of CDs available to us since the 1980s?
Yes, I had second thoughts about this purchase, and I should have had third...Extremely shrill, and lacking in bass. The original British Apple dreck is superior to these.
"Beatles For Sale" is clearly superior to "Beatles '65" from this new set. Extremely disappointing. I was hoping that 24/96 remastering would help, but I've read several conflicting reports on the remastering of these discs.
"Abbeyrd Beatles" is an extremely informative page on the subject. I was going to try the Japanese "White Album" but was discouraged by various postings on the audioasylum, basically saying there is no "holy grail" in Beatles CDs.
Yes I am talking about the newly released Stereo /Mono set.
Again, I have only listened to the first CD . But, there is very good bass clarity. In fact that is what surprised me.
I think you need to listen to it. The Cd I heard was far superior to the Naked Let it be.
Ozzy is right, these are very good sounding CDs. In fact, they sound better that the ones EMI issued.

CB, are you listening to the same thing?

By the way, CB, "Let It Be Naked" is horrible! (One listen, and to the shelf forevermore!)

I thought "Let it be - Naked" was good. All you Beatle buffs, Ben, what's up with these releases?
I get my Beatles fix every Sun.AM.-- On LA radio we got 2 stations /3 programs. I love the music; all the drives me up a tree. So; I've heard about these cds coming out from a while back. Don't know why they didn't mix them in stereo to begin with----Stereo was already 8 years old in '65.
Of the 4 in the initial release, Meet the Beatles sounded the least good to my ears. They got progressively better as you listened to them in Chrinological order