Beatles "Butcher Cover" on Antiques Road Show

About 5 minutes ago, a woman had a Beatles Butcher Cover (Yesterday and Today) on the Road Show. It was in such great condtion that I started yelling "Fake, Fake". Oh no my friends, it was the real deal and appraised at, are you ready? 10,000 - 12,000 dollars!! She bought it new at Sears for 2.99
My sister has one that she bought at S.S. Kresge for about the same price, but it isn't in such good condition that it would be assumed at first as fake. Probably VG++, though.
I've read about the "butcher cover" before, but don't think i've ever seen one. Can someone provide a link to a picture on the web? I'm curious to see what all of the hoopla was about. Sean

Try this link to links:

or this, for just quick pics:
Thanks 4yanx. Now i know what all the fuss was about. I can see why folks would have been in an uproar, especially way back then. Maybe the Beatles really were the devil in disguise : ) Sean
I was watching that tonight - from Chicago. Was that the one? I missed seeing the "Butchers", but someone brought in a portrait of one of the early Deans of Havard and a chair.

The painting was a signed original, probably done with the subject present, from 1800 approx. It was valued at $15k-$20k.

The chair was appraised at $70k-$80k! A flippin' chair!

I might start liking the Beatles again ;^)
A.R.S. is infamous for their over-inflated price estimates. Remember, they are a TV show, need to bring viewers in with something. most of the time their estimates are high, sometimes by more than 100%. YMMV.

That was the episode. The Beatles cover was on about 10 min before the chair and portrait. I was surprised that the Keno Bros. didn't appraise the chair as they are the recognized experts in American furniture. One time, Sothby's auctioned a similar pair of chairs that the Keno's appraised on the show and the two of them fetched a cool quarter million. I think they were Cadwallader chairs from Phila.

Ed Sawyer,
I know exactly what you mean. I am still a little doubtful of the value of that cover even it was real. It sure looked like a fake. Plus, (and I don't know that much about the Beatles)I thought the albums from that period were mono not stereo. This one clearly said stereo. It also look exactly like a fake I saw a few weeks ago, with that kind of gray wash on the cover. Someone chime in here who knows....
Sawyer -
Apparently they made them in stereo and mono. I own a peeled butcher cover myself that I'm considering parting with for the right price, so I've been doing some research. It may not be the most legitimate source (not updated since '97 I believe), but I thought the same thing about stereo versions until I came across this site:
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I have a stereo version purchased at Montgomery Ward the first week of it's release. I peeled the "cover up" image off a few weeks after purchasing it so I could see what all the talk was about.

Mine is probably Mint or Mint minus. I have all the Beatles albums, purchased within a few weeks of original release and all are stereo except the 45 RPM singles.