Beatles "Butcher Block" Album

How can you tell if you have one of the "Butcher Block" albums that was covered over with the picture of the Beatles sitting on trunks?
If you have one, you can just make out the "Butcher Block" cover through the pasted over replacement.

I bought one when it was new and have owned it all this time. Its' supposed to be very valuable, and friends have told me I should have bought additional copies. That's funny to consider now as I was just a kid, wanting the latest Beatles album and had no idea the cover would ever be this infamous.

There are lots of web sites that discuss this particular Beatles album. You could probably put it in a search at Google and get days worth of reading material.
First of all it's called the "Butcher" cover not the "Butcher Block" cover. As the previous poster mentioned there is a lot of information available if you search a little.
The album exists in 3 different levels of collectibility:
Stage 1- an original "Butcher" cover released by Capitol.
Stage 2- an album that was recalled (actually all of them were recalled) and returned. Upon return to Capitol a new cover, the white picture with the Beatles standing by a trunk, was pasted over the "Butcher" cover and re-released to the public. If you have one of these there are a couple of places where you can actually see the original cover underneath. I believe one of them is around Ringo's head but the details are available as I mentioned.
Stage 3- an album whose pasted cover has been removed by steam or chemicals. The "steamed" covers are quite easy to spot as the "Butcher" image is grainy from the steaming. The chemical removed covers are tougher to spot and generally in better condition.
Precise figures are not available but estimates say there are 6,000-60,000 legitimate "Butcher" albums in existence. The stereo version is always worth more than the mono version in comparable condition.
Thanks...sorry about that. I was mixing albums with kitchen furniture, lol. Need some sleep.
Actually, the terms are "First state", "second state" etc. Google away.

Thanks Metralla; you're correct.
In the first state you would have an originaly released butcher cover that was never pasted over. This album was only sold for one day! The second state is the original butcher album, only it has the trunk picture pasted over it. The third state is an original butcher cover album that has had the trunk cover peeled off to reveal the original Butcher picture. A sealed original butcher cover sold for $25,000!