Beatles on vinyl -- what to look for ...

... and what to avoid.

I'm hoping to buy some Beatles LPs, but I'm confused by all the choices out there. I'm no kind of collector. Nor am I llooking for the absolute best, with cost no object. But I've really been enjoying vinyl again, and it's long past time to get me a bunch of Beatles LPs. Are there certain labels -- or countries -- that are considered as usually good quality? Are there others that ought to be generally avoided? (I understand that the British releases in the earlier years were not the same as the ones that folks my age grew up with in the 1960s in the US, with different songs, different mixes and all.) What I want is to be able to spin some LPs and hear the Fab Four doing their thing. But all in all, I'm overwhelmed. And a look at the archives hasn't made things a whole lot clearer. Do I search for specific stuff on eBay? Are there new pressings that are worth anything? Any direction would be much appreciated. Thanks.
If it were me, cost no object, I'd look for a sealed box set of the MFSL half-speed mastered discs.. often seen on ebay and here, price varies(?) up to a $ grand or so.
Since cost is no object the very best are yellow and black Parlophones for titles up through SPLHCB. They are very expensive in Mint condition but will smoke anything else and are far, far superior to the MoFi discs. For titles from The White Album on the very best are first pressing
UK Apples. Again, not cheap but nothing touches them. A complete catalog in mint condition will be several thousand dollars and will take time to collect but you will have the very best.
Are you looking for collectible vinyl or for sonically superior vinyl?
Try to focus on the US Capitol releases, the black label with rainbow colors around it. Mono pressings are better sounding in many people's opinion. They are usually going to cost more.
If you just want Beatles on vinyl, the other American Capitol pressings, green label, purple label, and the latest (put out a few years back) black/rainbow labels are OK.
You can get Get Goldmine's record pricing book if you want to get serious:
It will help you identify all the different pressings and values.
Have Fun!
I'm looking for sonically superior vinyl. Not necessarily the best, but better than average, if that's possible. Thanks, again.
The Parlophone Blue Box Set is definitely worth picking up.

Have Fun.
The Beatles MOFI releases are very good to excellent. However, if you take some time and seek out original Capitol, Parlophone, and Apple pressings the MOFI are basically a waste of money.

My opinion is based on ownership of the original and MOFI pressings.

If you can't find originals another option is the Japanese Toshiba/EMI reissues from a few years back. I own 5 of them and the sonics are excellent. I haven't checked prices lately but they are invariably much better value than the MOFI versions.
... or you could wait and see if Classic records gets to release the catalog in the next couple years.
For the best info on the Beatles LP versions, visit The "Forums" have lots of info.

Generally, the early UK pressings are the most musical. The "Blue Box" is also good albeit not of the same sonic quality as the earlier pressings.

Here's a website with in depth information re: each album and how to identify the different pressings.

The MFSL has a "smile" EQ. The US Capitol are the absolute worst sounding versions in part due to not using the master tapes. The early Japanese are quite good when analog tapes were used but avoid the latter versions especially the "new" digital" sourced re-pressings. Some German versions are very good esp for the MMT album.
>>The US Capitol are the absolute worst sounding versions in part due to not using the master tapes.<<

As a blanket statement that is totally untrue.

I have multiple copies of Beatles albums from the US, UK, Germany, and a few other countries. First pressings of the US Revolver, Abbey Road and the White Album (an issue with a low number) are very nice thank you.

Maybe you haven't heard them.
You can get brand new copies from acoustic sounds or musicdirect. These are the Japanese pressings. I have most of them and they are quite good.
I have original US pressings of the entire Beatles catalog. The UK pressings (esp the early versions) are far, far superior.

It is widely accepted the UK versions are the best sounding and certainly musically more relevant vs. the US versions. The US/Capitol mastering used tape copies as well as vinyl drops in the early LPs.

As I mentioned, the German "Odeon" MMT, is extremely good and the MFSL is superb...IF you like the "smile" EQ.

The "NEW" Japanese pressings use digital masterings - bright sound.
How much are they on average to get new Japanese pressings?
So do I. Perhaps yours are not as pristine as the copies I purchased new.

Widely accepted?
By whom? Don't believe all you read. Listen for yourself. I have.
I believe the japanese pressings are between 13-18 dollars a piece
Some of you guys have trouble reading. He did not say that "cost is no object".
You're right. Many of us misread. In that case, I recommend the UK Blue Box from 1978. Very good analog pressings and can be found for $200 to $400.

All of my US pressings were purchased new when they were released.

Thanks for the enjoyable conversation.
none of the vinyl beatles releases are as bad or good as folks make them out to be. starting with whats in print from the uk or japan is fine, if you got want the tunes.....