Beatles on Sunday

Breakfast With The Beatles 
Every Sunday 8am til noon
WTUE 104.7 fm Dayton, OH
also on iHeart Radio 
I suspect many/most areas of the country have similar Beatles Shows on Sunday morning, here in the Philadelphia area they do, I know in NYC they do.  Always love them!!
If it's iHeart, it's probably the same show as heard on New York's WAXQ ("Q104.3") hosted by Ken Dashow, with voice tracks unique to each market.
No the Dayton Breakfast With The Beatles is totally local from the studios in downtown Dayton with DJ Dave Alexander
Never gets old.
Very few bands have the magic staying power. Will millennials  have a
breakfast with a rap group or Justin Beiber in 50 years?f
Back in the early to mid eighties, I hosted a local Saturday morning show from 8AM-10AM called "Breakfast With The Beatles".

Did trivia questions for prizes and had a small call-in segment.

What a blast that was.