Beatles mono box as "limited edition"

I'm finding it really difficult to believe that The Beatles mono box set slated for September release is limited to 10,000 copies in the United States. (That's what the Amazon listing says, anyway, and I've read similar things elsewhere.) The way I do math, that would mean that just 0.0033% of the people in this nation of 300 million would be able to get themselves a copy. I'll grant that the audience for the mono issues is going to be significantly smaller than the one for the stereo remasters, but I cannot imagine that it will be *that* small. Does anyone know what's up with this? (For what it's worth, after being unable to decide which set to get, I decided to preorder both. Even if it's a long, cold, lonely winter up here in Massachusetts, I'll have a ton of great music to keep me warm!)
The stereo box sets will be available in wider distribution, correct? If what you're stating about the number of mono box sets for distribution is correct (10,000), then the demand for and interest in the mono sets must have been underestimated.
welome to the music business in 2009. 10k is a big number.
I received a flyer from Music Direct that stated that the mono versions will not be available as individual CD's, which I think sucks! The Beatles website states that it will be limited to only 10,000 units in the USA.