Beatles: Mono a Mono

Has anyone compared the four mono CDs issued in 1987 to the same CDs in the new box set?

Ie, it seems that many people prefer the new mono versions to the new stereo versions, but what I am wondering is how much and what kinds of differences there are between the original monos and the new monos.

I've compared the new stereo versions to the originals, and found them a bit bright, but I've also heard that less work was done on the mono versions, and I'm hoping that the tone hasn't changed from the originals.
I recall a review published about 3 weeks ago - I don't recall where I saw it, though it most likely was in the Washington Post. You may want to google, or check the post on line. The reviewer did a-b comparisons of Mono vs stereo versions, describing the differences.
Again, I'm not looking for a comparison of mono vs stereo, but rather a comparison of the 4 mono versions of the Beatles' early records issued in 1987 (Please Please Me, With the Beatles, Beatles for Sale, Help) to the mono versions of these same records that were just issued in 2009.

Ie, I want to know how the original monos compare to the new monos.
the new cd remasters are superior in every way to the vinyl mono reissues. clarity, detail, bass, slam, etc.
Hi Jim, As with my assessment of the 87 stereo CD's vs the new stereo remastered CDs, the mono remasters of the first four are superior in every way to the 87 mono cd's exactly as described by Jaybo. The new remasters sound like the albums I listened to many years ago. I have been listening to the Beatles forever and the 87 cd's were never sonically right in conveying the Beatles music. The remastered CD's have restored the emotional impact of the Beatles music to the way I remember it, all those years ago and that makes me very happy!
In general, I'm finding the new monos have a more dynamic and meatier low end that makes the rock and roll stuff in particular much more involving at more realistic listening volumes.

The difference between this mastering and prior CD are marginal on some cuts, like "I'll Get You", more because the old versions are really quite good rather than the new ones being deficient.

If you listen at low volume or on a lesser system you might not hear enough difference to matter.

On a good system, at realistic volumes, the new ones succeed at taking things to a new and more involving level probably not equaled prior

Overall, I am not finding too much new that I have not heard before with the new early album monos, but it all draws you in further and sounds more lifelike. Overall, a more involving Beatles experience, which is a very good thing.

This effect overall is even more significant when comparing the new mono remasters of the latter albums to their earlier stereo counterparts.

One more thing. I do not have issues any issues with the dynamics of either mono or stereo versions included in the mono box set. Both are very, very good though the monos are supposedly technically superior. I am not sure I would go mono just for that reason alone.