Beatles MFSL box set

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i have just received this box set, cleaned it with disc doctor fluid and brushes and my manual method, i have played up to revolver, i cant understand what took me so long to get my hands on the vault, the sonics on the early lps are super, the air and imaging are great, compared to a long list of early Beatles lps i have gone through, on Sunday and with the Beatles for me thats what Sundays are for, except going to church first, then its Beatles Sunday, and O happy day, mike
hey zenith, compaired to the 78 british box set i have, and others, the mfsl is the winner for best sound now, for sure the early lps in the set, i am always on the look out for good sounding beatles lps and they are not easy to find, i just came across a fine beatles four on capital that is very nice, because sundays are just not the same with out at least a few beatles lps, mike

I agree that the original pressings are hard to beat. Breakfast with the Beatles is memorable event. Like I said there are some exceptions when it comes to MOFI. The Moody Blues "Seventh Sojourn" is one of my favorites! I have a lot of original Beatles pressings. Luckily I didn't ruin them in my younger years playing them on that RCA console! I do spin them time to time. But nothing like the years past. Bill
Is REVOLVER in stereo or MONO? I have a MoFi copy of this, and the stereo mix SUCKS! One of these days, I'll have to pony up for the Jap. Red Wax Mono pressing from 1984(?).

Meanwhile, does anyone know of a decent CD Mono mix of REVOLVER?
hey zenieth
if there is anyone else i enjoy a little more sometimes its the moody blues, the childrens lp on mfsl is not to good, i have a decca threshold white label that smokes the mfsl so i stayed away from the rest, thanks for the heads up on seventh sojourn, my british copy is lacking the upper end, will be on the look out for a mfsl copy, thanks mike.
I second er a third the Moodys Seventh Sojourn. My favorite was Every Good Boy but the recording was never very good. Unfortunately the Moodys Made some great music they just had some bad recordings. Like Picasso on Cardboard.