Beatles Love, should I run?

I am considering the purchase of the Beatles Love album on vinyl.

Sometimes when I hear songs that are not in their original format I prefer the original but this has gotten such universal praise that I wonder if maybe I would like it.

Who has heard this and what do you think?

I welcome any comments..

I have it on DVD-Audio. I've enjoyed the disc immensely, and I think it's because the mixes are tasteful, engaging, and creative. In other words, they could have basically just botched it like some dime-a-dozen club DJ screwing around with mixes for the hell of it, but I thought they remastered the material in a very clever and worthwhile manner.

The sonics, on the DVD-A at least, are beyond reproach.
I just got the vinyl the other day, and I'm thinking at this early stage that it is lots of fun. I was born in the late 1950s, and consequently grew up with most of the original songs as the soundtrack to my youth. That said, I do not see them as sacred texts, not to be toyed with. This record is worth owning, doing the songs -- and The Beatles -- justice. More than once on the first listen I found myself smiling at one juxtaposition or another. And then at the tunes themselves. I'm recommending it. It is meant to be fun, and it achieves that in spades. Now, if only someone would do the same thing with Dylan ...
Buy it.... with the admirable remastering job, the Beatles have never sounded better. It does have a nice flow to it as well.
>>Now, if only someone would do the same thing with Dylan ..<<

Couldn't agree less.

Love is a total abomination and highly irrelevant.

More appropriate "artists" are Englebert and Barry Manilow.
Own it on CD and am really enjoying the arrangements, the order and placement of songs, really everything. Recording quality is very good also. I grew up with these songs and am enjoying the bit a variation from the original recordings. Go for it.
I Love this album. Great music, great sonics, and a lot of fun. It is a must own, for any music lover.

Three friends have heard this album on my system this week, all 3 bought the CD on their way home.
I got my DVDA version from But I have seen it at Barnes and Noble.
I have the vinyl and it is a very nice LP. Good mix, nice sound and their is no noise on my copy. Very enjoyable. I hear that it is limited in number so I would not wait to long.
thanks everyone

Love it is!

I just bought a new TT and need to feed the desire...
quote from many:"I grew up with--" Well I haven't grown up at all/or not that much. Back when the White album came out many stations played the whole thing uninterrupted. I did have a reel to reel back then./However that time period was "pre-cassette". I have listened to Chris Carter for years--changing stations (he was on,)along the way. I must be one of the few whom only listen for the "original" music. For me,this band, sounds best (bad mixes and all)in its original recordings. I don't like any of the out-takes revsions and such. I'm sure keeping the music alive for our younger generation has its value. While I haven't heard this "Love"; I have pre judged it;in that I can't imagine I could like a "tribute" concept.
While I think "Hell Freezes Over" is the best example of a band bettering its original recordings,with 2 of the Beatle lads no longer with us, this can't happen with the 4 of them....When the whole show comes out on dvd; I'll be in line 2 buy it.
I just love it myself,I've heard the Beatles so much in my life that I find myself changing the FM station sometimes when a Beatle song is playing. That said this is a great CD.The song arrangements are fresh and the flow to this disc is great one song after another.
That said if you try to burn it it adds a space between each song the same with the Neil Young Live at Massey hall.
I bought the album today. The sound is terrific and the format is fine. The way they cut back the length of some songs and let others play thru or mix 2 or 3 songs together is tastefully done and fun.

Yes I would prefer the original albums in all their master tape glory and their original formats but they are not available so I will enjoy this.
And nothing to get hung about. Looking through a strawberry glass lady paperback revolution.
its sure interesting when it comes to the most popular and in my mind the band that started it all in modern times to have a few who have to make a dis comment. thats really to bad. i just received my lp of love and cant wait to play it. from all but a few above its a winner for sure.
I don't think criticism of this album has any relevance to "the band that started it all". They are two separate issues.

Most bands have released at least one lemon and the Beatles had no say in this one.

05-16-07: Audiofeil
"Most bands have released at least one lemon and the Beatles had no say in this one."

.....Actually both Paul and Ringo consulted and gave their blessing on the project. Having George Martin on board probably means a little something too.

I don't own it, but I have listened to some bits. George Martin has done his magic again. He re-mixed things to highlite what was missing, including Ringo;s drumming.

Worth the exploration.
>>.....Actually both Paul and Ringo consulted and gave their blessing on the project<<

Paul and Ringo are not the Beatles. However, it doesn't matter whether you're citing Ringo, Paul, Yoko, or George Martin; money is the salient issue. I suspect John Lennon is turning over in his grave but we'll never know.

Look if you guys like this schlock fine, but ensure it's kept alongside your Barry Manilow and Air Supply stuff where it rightfully belongs. I wouldn't dignify my collection with this POS.

There is no accounting for bad taste.
One man's garbage I suppose. But it is nice to know we have a harbinger of taste on the board. And as far as relevance goes, what is really? But I think the music John did with Yoko sort of disqualifies his opinion.
>>But I think the music John did with Yoko sort of disqualifies his opinion.<<

Wasn't it Paul McCartney who gave us rock gems such as Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, Silly Love Songs, Say Say Say, Coming Up, Smile Away, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Hi Hi Hi, Let 'Em In, With a Little Luck, ad nauseum?

So much for that argument.

Besides, the music Lennon made with Yoko was a small percentage of his total body of work which is clearly superior to brother Paul's.

McCartney's solo work and with Wings is so syrupy your turntable may think it's playing pancakes.
I'll give you that Audiofeil but at least it did have some semblance of music. I wasn't much of a McCartney fan either though. The pair needed each other to balance things out.
Couldn't agree more on the balance.

In the case of the Beatles the whole was far greater than the sum of the parts.

Semblance of music? Not for me. You could make a case for Debbie Gibson and Donnie Osmond on that premise.
A Day in the Life:
All was John, 'cept for the little "woke up got out of bed, dragged......" that was Paul's contribution so he got to sing it. Yes, Lennon/McCartney's name are on all the Beatle songs, but the one who sang is the one who wrote it. They didn't write the Beatle tunes together. Go back and listen: Yeah, Paul wrote Yesterday (most played song in the world--yeech). Heavy lyrics and complex melody. IMAGINE that?? and speaking of Imagine..
>>the one who sang is the one who wrote it.<<

Not always. These come to mind immediately:

“If I Fell”, written by John, sung by Paul
“I’m Happy Just to Dance With You, written by John, sung by George
“Every Little Thing”, written by Paul, sung by John
“I Don’t Want to Spoil the Party”, written by John, sung by Paul
“Tell Me What You See”, written by Paul, sung by John

I'm sure there's more.

>>They didn't write the Beatle tunes together<<

That's pure crap. More songs were written jointly than individually.

If you take the time to read "Beatlesongs" by William J. Dowlding you'll see that most of the songs were co-authored. Many were not a 50/50 collaboration but the Dowlding book breaks down each song and the percentage contribution made by Lennon and McCartney.

Check it out.
"that's pure crap?" ouch...William J Dowling don't have a clue. co authored on the label not in actuality. Ask George Martin if you don't believe me...relax there big guy. you redline pretty easily...5 songs out of hundreds does not make for a trend.
Once again, as is the case so often Warren, you are simply wrong.

Many sources used by William J. Dowlding (not Dowling, another mistake on your part) include:
Rolling Stone
Big Beat
Hit Parader
Associated Press
Guitar Player
Digital magazine

The bibliography and list of credits are too long to list here.

So whom do we believe? This carefully researched book or a poster offering his own misguided and unsupported opinions?

I'll leave that up to the readers.
i think we should burn all of Paul's solo works. like they burned the books in Germany, sounds like a good idea, dont you think.
to go around and knock any music when your business is music is total nutizem. please come down from the high mountain and get with it.
i think Ram is one super lp and love it.
i may not like some of the others but i am not going to knock them like they are s===.
we all have different finger prints and we are all different and its just not nice IMHO to knock any music.
OK I apologize.

I'm sorry that most of Paul's work with Wings and as a solo artist sucks.

Feel better?
lets face it....its beatlemama mia......stars on 45 anyone?......can't wait for the duets album with natalie cole and for elvis' 'jacket' to tour again.
"so who do we believe?" me, of course...Once again as is the case so often Audiofeil, you are simply wrong. :)
I really enjoyed it. To me it's like a soundtrack to a dream (or reverie), evocative in ways that are unlike listening to the full-length originals - the snatches of songs bring back a flood of mental images that span my entire mispent youth. It's not so much about the Beatles as about memories. Schmaltzy? Maybe. "ART"? Maybe not. Worth it? Yes.
Well finally got to clean my copy. And just for Georges My Guitar Gently Weeps the lp is worth the price and more.
This needs to be in any Beatles fans collection.
The remakes are just super and the recording is fine.
A real no brainer. IMHO
I went to the Cirque du Soleil Love show last week in Vegas. It was fantastic and the sound was great. Highly recommended.
I think Ddcrews summed it up best. When listening to the album, it does invoke memories and really is an amazing listening experience.
I think Ddcrews summed it up best. When listening to the album, it does invoke memories and really is an amazing listening experience.
I think Love is the only Beatles album I have not heard yet.

Its on my list of things to listen to someday but I just have not gotten too excited about to-date.

I generally do not care for over the top Vegas shows, but I suppose if I had to shell out the bucks to see one, Love would be the one.

I do like good BEatles tribute bands. To me, thats a good way to experience the music of the Beatles. Rain, Classical Mystery Tour, and 1964 are three that I have heard that do a very good job.