Beatles Love..latest iteration

I see there's plenty of threads on Cirque, but posters are referencing a few years back.

Just a mention about seeing the latest,updated version while on a biz trip in Vegas. 

Anyone that's seen the 2114 and present, is the production the same or have I seen a fresh version?

First time seeing this fantastic show. Great songs used, amazing performers and choreography
that was in tune with the songs. 

As as far as the sound system, the sonics at times were mind blowing. At least where I was sitting. 


I saw Beatles Love at the mirage several years ago and wasn't impressed. The show includes many favorite Beatles songs but only snippets. You start getting down to one of your faves and, ploot, it disappears and something else starts playing -frustrating. I also didn't care for the creepy costumes and everyone jumping around -not my cup-o-tea....
In context of watching amazing feats with Beatles ANYTHING, it was entertaining considering my lack of interest in the Cirque series. 

IMO, complete songs wouldn't  fit with the overall pace of the show.  

With this in mind, it appeared to be a near  capacity crowd from most parts of the globe, in the moment and enjoying the experience.

Particularly being in Vegas, its above much of the entertainment. 
Best stage performance act I ever saw (saw it in Vegas in ’07). Haven’t seen it since so I can’t comment on what you might have seen. Was thoroughly engrossed and entertained. Many memorable moments...the disintegrating Bug blew me away.

Was virtually a "theatre-in-the-round" production with hidden stage platforms that raised or lowered to make for dramatic personnel stage entrances/exits.

Fantastic experience. Was not attracted to the Cirque, but was basically born a Beatles
"memorable moments...the disintegrating Bug blew me away. "

if you're  referring to the VW bug that was only panels held by performers-. yes, fooled me until it "explodes"

Many moments that we're clever and well executed.