Beatles in DTS from Japan

Does anyone know whether these actually exist.There is somebody on e-bay selling many different beatle titles in DTS from Japan.He has many positive feedbacks saying the audio is great on these Disc's.Has anybody heard them.Thanks Kevin
why not wait for the second third and forth official remaster boxes which may show up in the next year?
they are pirated. there are dts mixes from the masters
Hello Audiotomb,

I am also interested in the Beatles releases and I did see HELP that Kman referred to for an interesting price.
Can you please elaborate on the remaster boxes you mentioned.
The Beatles cd boxsets are coming out slowly
last year saw the 4 cd box first 4 albums mono and stereo

for remasters now, you can get Let It Be Naked or Yellow Submarine which is remastered

the next gen box set was supposed to be released by now
but has been delayed (not sure how long)