Beatles for sale? Well ...

Just saw that Amazon (in the U.S.) is no longer taking pre-orders for The Beatles mono box set. Guess it really was a limited edition after all.
How long to we see one up for auction on eBay with a starting bid of a million dollars or something like that?
The Beatles for sale, indeed!
The Beatles will probably be for sale again when the Michael Jackson estate is settled.
As of now (8:45 pm EDT), still available at Barnes & Noble for preorder.
The Mono Remasters are also still available at Best Buy. I wouldn't wait too much longer if you're thinking about getting a set.
I just bought the set @ B&N.

I hope they sound good.
Seems like there is a stereo box set version as well as mono box set? according to Best Buy web site.
Might be worth buying 3 or 4 just to stick on Ebay later on.
The stereo box may not be a limited edition. The discs are also being released individually. The mono discs are only available in the box set. I have two on order and plan to buy the stereo discs one at a time.
the mono boxes were allocated. some retailers such as amazon have already sold through their allocation. street date at retail may be the last day they will be affordable.
I am locked in for my set, but I think EMI/Apple is insane to have a limited offering of the mono pressings. Surely, they are just testing the waters.
I ordered the stereo box set on amazon as well as the white album which is separate from the stereo box set--very good price on amazon 30% off--hope it sounds really good or it goes back to them !!
Thanks for posting this. It got got me off my behind and got a preorder in. Now, we'll see if I actually get it as I have been burned on pre orders before.
Ras422 -- You're post saying that the White Album is not part of the stereo boxed set scared me (since I ordered the set). So I checked the Amazon site and it is listed as part of the set. Thing is, the official name of the White Album is simply "The Beatles" and it's listed as part of the set. It's easy to cancel an order from Amazon if you don't want to have two copies of that one.
thanks Tpy --had just checked you are correct--called the beatles --so I cancelled the white album thanks again
I ordered 3 mono sets plus a few individual stereo cds from Amazon. Got the following email, which I assume means it's not shipping until 9-9. Called the number, and the woman had no clue at all about any of it.

Thank you for shopping with FanFire. We regret that the item you requested...

Beatles (The) Anthology Sticker Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: Remastered Abbey Road: Remastered Let It Be: Remastered The Beatles (Remastered Mono Box Set) not available at this time. Demand for this item has been greater than anticipated. We will ship your merchandise out as soon as we receive more in stock. We expect more within 3-4 weeks. We value your business and thank you for your patience.
Well elusive disc just took my order, we will see.
on ebay