beatles first press

how do i determine a first press sgt peppers on capitol rainbow......both say smas 2653 on the album label but are positioned in deifferent locations on the says capitol 2653 on the spine and is significantly heavier in both vinyl weight and cover wiight...and has a 2653 printed over georges shoulder in the gatefold.....the other says smas 2653 on the spine? there any where i can look to find out what gives?......oh.......both are canadian presses and one says litho in canada...the other doesnt
Sgt. Pepper was pressed at 3 different location in the US which could account for the different positioning of the catalog number.

Original pressings were packaged in a reddish/pink/white psychedelic inner sleeve. If you're paying good money, ensure the sleeve and cutout page are included.

Original pressings have "A" and "B" codes followed by a number in the deadwax. For example my copy has A5 stamped on side 1 and B6 on side 2.

Original covers have "NEMS Enterprises LTD 1967" in the lower right rear corner above "Manufactured by Capitol Records Inc". In later releases you'll find "1967 NEMS-NEMS Enterprises Limited" in the right rear but running parallel to the spine.

If you see the words "All rights for the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines controlled by MACLEN MUSIC, INC." it is NOT an original first release.

I hope somebody else can jump in and add to what I missed.
ty for replying but neither one of these fits your description
If it is not a mono pressing, it is prrobably not woth much anyway.