Beatles catalog remastered for Sept. 09 release

Per Rolling Stone magazine (April):

Entire Beatles catalog will be released (CD format).
Article said something about 196/24 mastering.

Could this mean SACD and/or Dolby True HD/DTS HD Master?

'Bout friggin time...
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I would imagine the format chosen will be quite telling of where the industry is heading. I'll be surprised if it isn't blue ray but it would be great if it was SACD considering I already have an SACD player (wishful thinking).
Failure to do Blu will tell us that its the same old, tired game of poor quality. Think about it, most of the cd stuff is aimed at the ipod, for you will not hear any 196/24 mastering difference in that format. Since the masters are two channel stereo, all the Dolby stuff would be 'processed'.
Google "Beatles catalog remaster" and you get most of the scoop.
Both stereo and mono versions will be available.
Ther are concerns that this is merely a reissue and not a remix (no Mr. Martin involved as in the Beatles "Love" project).
Dweller, you missed the announcement posted here back in April:

The Beatles albums finally all remastered
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This is a CD release with no mention of Hi-Rez. I would not be interested if they were remixed but decent digital releases are most welcome. The ones done in the '80s sucked.

there has been no info about box set really. will there be lp box sets, mono sets? cd box set? help