Beatles Box Sets Update

Here is a link to an update about the Beatles box sets. There will be MORE!!!
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There was no way only 10000 mono box sets would fly.

Darn Beatles, always creating a stir.....
I guess the "There will only be 10,000 sets" thing worked fairly well.

Now what do all the greedies do with the 5 extra sets they purchased hoping to make a killing on ebay?

Maybe a Beatle Bail Out.
"Now what do all the greedies do with the 5 extra sets they purchased hoping to make a killing on ebay?"

Sell at a discount to the benefit of someone else.

Maybe there is a God after all.
"For the Benefit of Mr. Kite, there will be a show tonight"
The mono set will still be limited. Not sure to what number but they will not be around for long. Also won't be sold as individual albums - just the set.

Think I will buy a few and sell them on E Bay in a year. Is that worse than being an audio salesman and cutting down all the brands you don't sell on the Audiogon forum? Where is the integrity there?

Think I will buy around 5 sets.....
Maybe now that there will be more than the original 10,000 some people will get nervous and cancel their multi orders and the people who ordered late will get theirs earlier. Me included for the late orders BTW.
Here's what Amazon just sent me...

Hello from,

Our records indicate you purchased a Beatles Mono Box Set, and we wanted to update you on its availability.

This new information will not affect your pre-order--if you pre-ordered a mono box set, you will receive it.

The manufacturer has informed us that they will be producing additional mono box sets due to high demand. While the box set remains a limited-production item, it will not be capped at 10,000 copies for the U.S. market, as originally reported.

We will be getting more of the box sets in stock and will continue to update availability information on our FAQ page...
IMHO, The mono set will be limited to how many sets they can sell, which is probably a lot!!
I was sure the 10K number was phony when I first saw it, so I don't feel to ripped off. I suspect that they will do the controlled production to keep demand up like what happens as standard practice in the video game industry.

Actually there are quite a few boxed sets over the years that were not limited but then became collectible when they fell out of print. If you want a laugh check out what the beatles promo cds for the new set are going for on ebay right now.
As most everyone knows by now, the initial 10,000 have been sold or at least spoken for.
There will be a small second run to be released in mid October. I'm not sure of the number in the second run. According to my understanding, the second run will not be numbered so they will be distinguishable from the original run. Not sure if there are any other differences.
Perhaps someone else has more details?
I was just told there are no numbered box sets at all. From the dealer I ordered from. Has anyone received a box with a number on it? The way the folks that I ordered from stated that EMI execs at the last minute decided that there was no practical way to do the numbering. So the question remains, does anyone have a box with number. If so could you take a picture and post the picture.
Maybe my information was incorrect. This is what I was told by a dealer but who knows?
From Acoustic Sounds

"Due to misinformation we received previously, we erroneously announced that this Mono Box Set would be numbered edition. These copies are not numbered. But they most definitely are very, very limited! We will be happy to cancel the orders of any customers disappointed that the sets are not numbered, but be aware: We are without question going to sell out of every single copy of these that we receive, so think twice before canceling. We're sorry for the misunderstanding.

More News: EMI has not furnished us with our complete initial order of these Mono Box Sets. We've received enough copies to ship to those customers who placed their orders before August 17. EMI tells us we'll receive the rest of our Mono Box Set order in early October, at which point we'll ship to the rest of our customers."
I just cant wait to fire up my mono cd player! That one tube...ohhhhhh....and the power I'll save(50%)! I think I'll start wearing a patch on one eye! My wife had mono- she hated it, but what does she know.
How does the box set compare to the individual remastered releases scheduled?
Matchstikman, Only the stereo versions will be individually released or you can buy the stereo boxed set. The mono versions will not be individually released, so you must buy the entire mono boxed set to obtain them. As far as sound quality, there shouldn't be any differences between the stereo boxed set and the individual stereo releases. However, I would venture a guess that people will be selling the monos as individual units on ebay at an exorbitant price.
The Greedys are here on the gone already.Mono sets $375..Hope they get stuck...JD