Beatles albums on MFSL CD's

I have been seeing a bunch of Beatles CD's for sale on eBay that are supposed to be Japanese MoFi CD's. They are usually described as a "mini LP CD". The CD "HELP" has the MFSL# 1-105, which is not a numbering sequence of the original MFSL MFCD (aluminum CD) series, or the UDCD (Ultra Disc gold CD) series. Also, the packaging in the photo appears to be different from a genuine MoFi CD. What are these, as I have been told many times before that NONE of the Beatles library was EVER released on MoFi CD's?
I think they are elaborate bootlegs.
I saw HDCD marked CD copies of Pink Floyd's The Wall before that originated from Singapore.
They looked very professional but were merely the last CD issue with no HDCD encoding despite the official log etc.
they are pirated.
Most likely they are CDs recorded from the Mo-Fi LPs and pressed by a CD plant...possibly in Japan, or anywhere else (or maybe burned on someone's computer somewhere?). The sound quality *could* be good if the process was done well, but they're expensive and it's a gamble.

Of course, they could be exact copies of the regular CDs with fancy artwork to fool people. You won't know until you buy them, and you won't have a return policy because they're bootlegs. Either way, they are definitely not legitimate releases of any kind.
As a major Beatles fan I am aware & have done some homework on the Japanese Beatles mini-lp which sell on ebay for $35-100. These are not produced by Mfsl, they are pressed in Japan by Odeon using the original recordings borrowed from Mfsl under special licensing. They where a Japan exclusive the cd jackets are the same as the original Lp's with the exception of the Gold Msfl original recordings lable across the top front edge. Sound quality wise save your monies!

To date the best sounding digital Beatles cd's, would have to be the Toshiba/Emi produced Japanese TOCP versions. In the US we have the Remastered Yellow Submarine, & Beatles 1 G.H. albums which are Fab sounding. The only album to date I have heard that compares to the TOCP Japanese version is an Austrailian Sgt. Pepper produced album which sounds just like the Japanese.

The best buy would be purchasing a complete Toshiba/Emi 16 cd roll top black box set. This set is quite rare & trades hands in the $400-500 mark, there is one used on Agon right now @ $325 which is a good deal depending on condition.

I hope this helps???
Thanks, Audiobugged for the education that you have just given to me. Forgive my ignorance, buy what do you mean by "TOCP"? The caffine from my java hasn't kicked in yet!
TOCP is the prefix infront of all the Toshiba/Emi Japanese CD's Catalog # example: = (TOCP-6477)
along the same lines. Are there HDCD remasters of the early stuff?
To my knowledge the only HDCD issue are Japanese Beatles 1 & 2 G.H. in HDCD.
Thanks, Audiobugged! Actually, I was audio BUGGED yesterday, as I knew that those letters looked familiar! I have a few of the Toshiba/Emi Japanese CD's.