Beatles 1 sound quality?

I have recently purchased the Beatles 1 cd. I have almost all of these songs on other Beatle cd's. This release of these remastered Beatles songs have less background noise but do not sound as good as my older Beatle cd's.Could some sort of noise reduction be responsible for (IMO) a percieved loss in the recording or is it just the remastering? Thanks, Frank.
The vinyl version sounds like a crappy CD. Thank the boys at Capitol Records.
To my ears everything on One sounds miles better than the older remasters.
Everything on the 1's CD sound the best I have heard and I have all the standard issue Beatles CDs and have heard most of these tunes off vinyl on countless systems including my own over the years as well.

If I could only own 1 pop/rock CD, "1's" would be the one.
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Although I havent' heard this,your opinion matches what I've heard and read, go over to Amazon and read the reviews, many are bummed about sonics. Complaints about thin and bright, I experience this from remasters quite often, it sounds like their trying to extract maximum detail, upper mids and lower trebles bumped up.

From what I've read, neither George Martin or the Beatles were involved with this remaster, leaves me very leery. I wonder if Michael Jackson still owns the Beatles copyrights, I simply don't understand how in all these years they haven't come out with a properly remastered catalog, a travesity!
I have the 1 on vinly. It is the equal of my half speed master of Abbey Road. Don't know if it is a vinyl vs cd issue or not.
I would rate it poor - take a listen to "Love" to better understand what the Beatles could sound like with a truly great remastering.
Try Purple Chick on the internet. Beatles at their sonic best. Google this and download. Very impressive.
>> It is the equal of my half speed master of Abbey Road<<

If you are alluding to the MFSL recording, it is actually quite poor. There are many better versions of Abbey Road.

MFSL did a lousy job with the Beatles albums.