Beates Mono- CD Box Set -Japanese pressing / issue

....the prices are all over the place on this box set and the possibiliy of fake / counterfeit ones poping up have got me doing some research. I have the opportunity to purchase the Beatles CD Mono-Box Set - but it is the Japanese pressing....any isues with this ???....should I only be looking for and buying the actual EMI issues ???? I looked on Amazon but the ones who are offering the Box Set are a little scary......Elusive Disc has the Japanese issues. Your thoughts
Can't say about the Japanese edition, but the EMI version I bought off Amazon for a song (they had a sale going shortly after it was issued) is superb. Totally worth it.
Hello Mr.FFisher - how did you know when you were ordering from / on Amazon that the box set you were buying was EMI issued ?????
Good Day Garebear,

I own this Japan box set. Bought it from a reputable dealer of Japan imports. He is on eBay, under seller Pertnubees in California. A real gentleman whom knows the products. And yes, there are many knock-offs and counterfeits.

I paid $500 for my set very shortly after it was released.
Prices still command $400-500 easy.
I am out of town at the moment, when I return home- I will check my set (it is still sealed) and give you some intel that will make your buying a little easier!

Sold and delivered by Amazon, copyright EMI UK, printed in Japan. Never saw a Japanese home edition up there, but I did buy it a few years ago so don't know what might be there now.
Be VERY careful. I'm in the process right now of returning an eBay purchase of a counterfeit. Since I got burned, I have been researching this. There is a lot of wacky info out there, but my understanding is that all of the authentic 2009 release Beatles Mono CD sets were made in Japan. I would trust Elusive Disc.
Minkwelder, Agreed, as I remember, the US sets were made in Japan.

I am back in the office and here is the intel I promised;

White OBI w/ a green apple in upper left-hand corner of OBI strip -front cover.

At the bottom of OBI strip (front cover)- TOCP-71041-53 (ROCK) Mono/Stereo 39,800 37,905 10.3.8

On the back cover there is a barcode w/ numbers;
4 988006 873612

Next to barcode in very small print;
09.9.9(09.9.9) MONO/STEREO MADE IN JAPAN 2009

Hope this helps- feel free to contact me, as my copy, is still sealed and un-molested condition!

Happy Holidays.
Hello Jafant - are you in the US or in England
Good Day Garebear-

I am in the USA. I answered your PM as well. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Keep me posted and happy listening!

Happy Holidays-