Bearing Drain - Technics SP10 MKii and others

I am looking at building a plinth for a Technics SP10 MKii. I've seen this concept in Albert Porter's plinth and elsewhere.

How effective is this mod or plinth strategy? What sonic areas does it improve? Or, is it too hard to tell and not really effective?

I actually have an sp10 mk2 in an Albert Porter plinth right now and I think it's extremely quiet from a mechanical standpoint. I preferred this setup to several very good belt drives I heard in the past year. I've never heard the table outside this plinth so I can't comment on how much it quiets it down but I'm quite happy with it the way it is.
Hi, does anyone know where to purchase the cast iron for this project?
Richard, if nobody can provide something specific, I suggest contacting local machine shops. I imagine they might have an idea.

Jim, thanks for your comments. I bet the table sounds really fantastic! I have emailed Albert and await his comments after CES. However, I'm still looking for comments from anyone who has performed this enhancement on any table and can provide sober comment on before/after.
I'm assuming the bearing drain rod came from the DIY crowd and is something Albert adopted for his own design.
But then again this could very well be his own work.

I can only guess at the lengths Albert went to before his decision on selling his beloved Walker Black Diamond for a re-furbished and re-plinth Technics MKII.

This bearing drain rod makes perfect sense, I'd definitely incorporate in your design.

Once your plinth is completed this is something you could have first hand knowledge of by removing the rod and listen for yourself.