Beak -- an analogue tweak.

I always used Michelle clamp until I wanted to experiment with something slightly heavier and I put Totem Beak on the record instead of clamp that resulted in more control over mostly upper mids and highs.
Does heavier mean always beneficial for analogue or it's a downside of a suspention tables to benefit from hevy(ier) clamps?
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What table are you using. I have an LP12 and as a suspended
platter any weight added other than the vinyl itself would cause problems in the suspension. I would say from a logic
point of view that this would be true of any suspended platter. But as mentioned that is my POV and not from a knowledge of factual data.
In my System link Michell Gyro SE.
It's available for the upgrade to a heavier Orbe platter for almost a kilobuck worth?
Not sure of suspension upgrades, but I feel like experimenting with hydrolic suspension instead of springs.
Always beneficial? No, imo. What we Galibier owners have found is that the 6 lb. Anvil seemed to work well with the older platter surface, but it is detrimental to the sound with the newer graphite platter surface. There was too much damping, so the Anvil is no more. And the effect was much as you describe except that the extra "control" was too much. YMMV and all of that.

How much does the Beak weigh? Does your clamp have an o-ring that sits around the spindle? If so, try the Beak with that in place if you haven't already.
Beak is about 8 Oz. I tried to place it over the original Michell clamp but found it better to be just alone on top.
The original michell clamp doesn't have any o-ring and it simply ties around the spindle. If the Beak is the key than I'll probably machine-cut the similar piece with exact hole for spindle...