Be careful when dealing with Pyon Sound - John Park

It was around 2015 Feb.

I encountered an adv from John Park posted in audiogon  about selling a turntable directly form the Pyon Sound factory.
I asked John if he had another better one. He suggested the improved model Black Pearl II .
Pyon Sound is not a famous brand but the diagram and the specification was very attractive e.g. " wow and flutter figure of better than .001%" in their website.
In addition, John Park  committed more than once in the email that I could return the product for whatever reason and got the refund. Therefore, I based on his commitment and gave it a try.
When the turntable arrived, the bearing had problem and I asked for refund. He said that he would ship another good bearing to me . If I did not like , I could refund . After waiting for a few weeks,  the new bearing arrived.  It was not perfect but it was better than the broken one.

However , when I used the   Dr.Feickert's PlatterSpeed disc to test the turntable, I  found that the w&f 

was around 0.28/0.24% which was much worse than the number (0.001%)  stated in Pyon Sound's web-site .

I asked John how he got the w&f measurement of his Black Pearl II turnable. He could not tell.

I asked for return and refund again.  

Then John did not reply my email any more. I called his office but no one answered the phone.

I wrote it down and hope that there would not be another guy  falling into the same trap .

Good luck.


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